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October 24, 2007

simple mynd

I have a lot of index cards of different sizes and color coded too. Some times I don’t know what I’ll use them for. But this year, I’ve been tracking my monthly bills on the 4 x 6 horizontal cards. My goal is to reduce the bill into the 3 x 5 size.  Something like the above photo would do.  Both, the Myndology and RealSimple, have horizontal lines and comes in a 3×5 size.  The horizontal or landscape orientation is good because it has a longer line to note the date, amount and confirmation numbers.  Although the Real Simple has the 4×6 size also.  I put the month and year on the top line. Then I alphabetized the bill names. I write down one line for each bill. One can skip a line for clarity. I usually put the date paid or due and the amount and any confirmations numbers to keep track. At the bottom, I add all of the items up and I can see the total spent for the month and anticipate my budget for next month.

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Cira Manila Folder 2

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I do like to use the thick Moleskine blank sketch notebooks. I’ve already filled up about half of one. I was thinking of getting another one but I decided to save some money and make my own! The thing about the Moleskine is that I can’t re-arrange the pages. Often the good sketches need to be gather into a sensible organized order. I’ve toy with the idea of cutting pages from the Moleskine and then punch them with the Circa/Rolla paper puncher to accommodate the discs. This project accomplished both objectives nicely. I’m always hesitant to draw on the more expensive Moleskine sketch books. With these home-made pages, I am more likely to draw on them.

There were a lot of discarded Manila folders in my office which I was starting to hoard until one day there wasn’t room in the drawers any more. So I decided to recycle them into a notebook! The legal size is cut down with the paper guillotine, and the corners rounded. I bought a corner rounder at a scrap booking store or they even have it at Target’s scrapbook section. To minimize the waste, I first clip the tab edge as these can get damaged in the file shuffle. I line up to the seven inch mark and chop the tab edge. Then I measure eight inches and chop the folder again. You can use what ever dimensions you want.

The corner rounder is from EK Success.

The paper puncher and discs are from and

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Simple Mynd Hack

July 25, 2007

Simple Mynd Hack

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Ah…it’s been a while since I worked on a hack. Back a few centuries ago…I mean months, I had a hankering for a note book in orange color. (So much for ‘fast-prototyping’. Remember, it isn’t fast if one doesn’t implement it.) My wife and I had been watching a lot of ‘Ugly Betty’. The Mode office color scheme is White with most of the office products in orange. I found a Real Simple index card set with an orange cover. Then I was given a Myndology index card set bound with the Atoma disc in several colors. This happens to be orange and it’s a perfect match made in heaven. Here is an example of combining several products together. The disc is from Myndology. The Cover is from Real Simple. And the third is from plastic box from White Barn scented air freshener. I forgot to mention that I used the Portable Rollabind Puncher which the Atoma disc accommodated amazingly well. I plan to order some book binding tape from Maybe they have some orange tape?!?

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Mo 2007 pocket daily planner

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Tip of the Week (TOW)

For a while I had been using the accounting program call Quicken. (For tips on Quicken I direct you to Jennifer’s post: quicken.) Now I keep track of the spendings in this Moleskine pocket size notebook. It costs about $14 but worth it because it well preserve your sanity. My receipts are scattered all over the place. When ever I find one, I try to log it into the book. I’m proud to have just limit it to one card which makes it easy to keep track of. I write the amount, store name, and cash(CA) or credit(CRD). I try to use the bottom section of the page and leave the time sensitive section for appointments or important event of the day.

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Earlier, I wanted to start a library at work. I stumble upon this little suggestion in RealSimple magazine.

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TOW Half Pint

April 26, 2007

color index cards 2.5 x 3
You know how you save certain box or pick things from the trash which somehow appeal to you? Well, I’ve been saving the box that the invisible tapes came in from Corporate Express. I image that Scotch tape has a certain box of similar size. So one day I started to play with the half-size index cards 3x 2.5 inches or 7.6 x 6.3 cm. They fit perfectly into such a box!! The half size fit into my wallet as well. Mead makes a nice color coded version: blue, pink, yellow, green, and orange.

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Company Library (TOW)

April 18, 2007

I used to work at 30 person architectural firm and it had a library as a resource. That’s where you get your inspirations from. I just got back from a quarterly meeting and I made that suggestion to our marketing person. We’ll see how it flies. I think it’s a great idea because:

  1. You have a lot of resources and if you pool together and exchange books within your company.
  2. I used to go to a few of the High Performer Motivational Speaking seminars where they hand out reading materials. Well now they have even DVD high quality presentations of the talk. If we have a library to share that, it would be a great resource.
  3. Also, a library can keep track of past accomplishments, i.e. quarterly earnings, etc.

I’m taking a page out of ‘Art of Innovation’ to see if I can make small changes in the work place that benefits all. So that’s your ‘Thursday Tip of the Week‘ (TOW)

I would like to elicit ideas and comments if you have work in a company with a library, or ideas of what that could be…DVD, Movies, etc. What works, what doesn’t, and how are companies receptive to that idea. What does it take to maintain one? Why aren’t there more libraries in company…even in small volumes.