Real Simple Circa Rolla Atoma

April 12, 2007

Here’s the Thurdsay Tip/project of the Week (TTOTW). Back two weeks ago when I mention the Real Simple 3×5 deck TTOTW. I like the elastic band idea. It reminds me of the Moleskine. The cover has a nice thickness to it bound in cloth. Not bad at all. The only problem was how do you punch it for the Circa Rolla Disc? Well, I made a series of drawings, okay just one, on an idea of how to make a good notebook. This was drawn in the morning after waking up when I can’t make a straight line. But you get the idea. If I’m ambitious I may put it to grid paper. This tip also earns extra points for combining two or three previous tips into one. I plan to use the plastic cover because it can be punched and then taped into the inside cover of the hard cardboard. (photo)

simple-mynd-hack the final product

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