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September 28, 2006

Year: 1975
Dark Spaces
I remember a certain dark space of my neighbor’s house. The stair had a
solid wall next to it. The dark space was narrow and up high. It was a
deep shelf, only larger. I remember it next to the stairs for some
reason. I sometimes wander through out the labyrinthine house and see
into a room where someone was taking an afternoon nap. He would buy soup
bones from the street vendors and then teased the neighbor’s dog
endlessly. The dogs became enraged and the drools hang from their jaws.

-This was written in RAM.

Our house has a balcony.  In the shady season, the blinds are rolled up.  Swallows flies in and out of the rolled up blind and build their nests, lay eggs.

We had a few pots of tropical plants next to the railing of the balcony.  Often we would throw banana peels into the plants and left it there to dry because we were simply too lazy to take it to the garbage.  A few times one of us would see the dried up banana peels when we had to clean up the place.  Some one would eventually pick up the dried up peel.  A few times one of us would reach for the peel and it was actually a bat!!!  (Because black bats can appear very similar to a dried up banana peel.)  We would scream and run!  The startled bat flew away.

At night when we are too lazy to go down to the street vendors, we simply shout across the street.  We ask the vendor to come to stand below our balcony.  The street vendor would come to fetch the money what had been lowered down in a basket by one of us.  In exchange, she would put into the basket whatever it was that we had ordered.  It was almost like Domino’s Pizza delivery service.  We order all kings of foods:  roast corn, sandwiches, and fruits.  The delicious food smell emanating from the metal grill above the ambers always triggers our hungers.  The scent of green finely chopped onions coated in oil roasted corns.

If you could write a book about anything, what would it be about?

I would write a book about my adventures living one year on the Island of Malaysia.  This is a great question.  and I’m always thinking about writing this story.  i think a period of one year is just about write to focus in this book and it will probably take me one year to write it in isolation.

I found out about Hippolyte’s Island.  It’s similar to what I was thinking because it is obssive about island but not really like my island.  I had a crazy wander lust moment and booked a flight to St. Lucia one summer 2001.  it was off season and the hotel and air fare package was a bargain too hard to resist.  I was at a temporary job with a respectable start up architectural firm.

Leaving a Trace

September 27, 2006



  • On Keeping a Journal

    Leaving a Trace: On Keeping a Journal
    Alexandra Johnson
    Some notes from the reading:
    • “Hoard moments that can be held in the hand and examined later, like found stones.”
    • “Think of a room you’ve known well over three stages in life. How did it, and you, changed over time?”
    • “Break the deadlock of introspective obsession.”
    • How to silence their censor: “That dark, icy whisper of the confidence thief”
    • Unearth interior life
    • find images that reveal significant motivations
    • Investigates essential patterns; disclosing what has been left out of; charting periods of great intensity; connecting the dots between events and influences to develop a true narrative.

Can Tho

September 22, 2006

flickr.com/map/Can Tho

I lived in Can Tho before 1977.

Photos from Can Tho on Flickr:




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Three Rings to Rule Them All

September 21, 2006

Prosaic Three Ring Binder

Levenger’s Three Ring Binder


Buxton’s Three Ring Binder at Staples $27.00 I bought a black binder. I am enjoying it’s leather surface. I put all of my writings and diaries stuff in there for now.

dailyplanner.com – 3 ring binder with linen cover

Straight out of comptonline.com – presentation binders
ossi – Italian soft bound for junior 3 ring binders.

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TV Schedule

September 20, 2006

Here’s what I’ll be watching with the wife:

Mon: 10pm CSI Miami CBS

Tue: 8pm House FOX (DVR 8pm NCIS CBS)
8pm Standoff FOX- excellent show

Wed: 8pm Bones FOX

Thu: 9pm CSI CBS

Fri:   8pm Ghostwhper CBS
Sun: 9pm Cold Case CBS
10pm w/o A Trace CBS

for a full list of tv: http://sytycd.wordpress.com/2006/09/10/tvs-season-…

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Circa Rolla

September 19, 2006

Jason Alan Moore started a post about his GTD. In which, Kvet made the following comment.
Kvet’s comment – August 20, 2006
I have had this type of notebook since freshman college 1985, and had been frustrated with finding it again until about 5 years ago with Rollabind.com who was bought out by Carl Products. Rollabind makes these high-end notebooks for Levenger. If you are interested in trying out these notebooks in a less expensive they are now being carried at Target with the poly covers for $9.99 for a letter size AND junior size sold together. Staples also carries a cloth covered version in both sizes, sold separately, $9.99 and $5.99, respectively. Staples does not have these out on display, I just happened to look up at their overstock shelves above the notebooks and saw the rollabinder rings sticking out, so you may have to ask if they have them in stock. They are labeled Rolla Notebooks. They are still online at Rollabind.com but have mostly been targeted towards crafters/scrapbookers. If you do end up liking these, the punchers are well worth the price, and they are less expensive online at Rollabind.com.

In Which I’ve added my following comment:

I have gone to staples and they now have them out on the shelves near by the Blank and Red notebooks. I asked the people in the store and they are clueless. I got the faux brown leather version of Rolla Notebooks, which looks like a cheap version of the Levenger’s. Rolla notebook cost me $7.99 Levenger’s leather junior version $68 plus shipping and handling.

It’s advertised as the most versatile notebook ever. Rollabind made the book exclusively for Staples.com

  • heavy weight paper
  • 70 ruled sheets
  • business card holder
  • slash pocket divider – great for holding receipts
  • ruler place holder
  • tabbed divider

Levenger is also making the 3 x 5 Circa $12. Rolla Bind also makes a 4 x 6 mini notebook for $3 I really like this system of notebook because I use index cards. It combines all sorts of paper sizes together. I like to print my own paper from the Cornell system of note taking. Later, I plan to buy the portable puncher $30 from Rollabind.com

Update: 9/29/06 Last week I bought another faux Junior Rolla Notebook for Home. The other one I keep in the office. I also order the portable punch from Rollabind.com which cost me $38.98.

Update: 10/9/06 I order the Rollabind portable puncher and it arrived today, approximately one week as promised. Perfect timing as I just bought the 8×11 faux black leather Rolla Notebook $11.99 from the Staples on NE Glisen, my local dealer. I’m happy with it! I think it’s perfect for punching 3×5 cards in the landscape position, I can fit three Rollabind holes. I just used the puncher without the long paper holder.

Update: 01/18/07 I received the Circa Letter Agenda with the plastic cover for Christmas gift of 2006. I asked my oldest sister who was lucky enough to pick my name. I gave her the Levenger catalogue and she ordered it. I am using it at work now.

Corrections: Carl did not invent the technology at all; Carl is only the supplier of one of the punches. Rollabind used to manufacture for Levenger until Levenger decided to license the technology. Rollabind has its own product line sold via the website and also in conjunction with another of our licensors at retail chains such as Staples and Target. Rollabind developed the technology and is the patent owner.
I received these corrections from Stephanie who works at Rollabind, who wish to remain anonymous. She found the squidoo.com/circarolla lens.

(I was interested in how a product was license and then how levenger was able to expand on a product to make it more useful.)

Update: 01/29/07 I’m excited to find that some one else is using the Rollabind system. avwrites.com/wordpress It’s a bonus that AV is also on WordPress. AV has some very good tips. I found AV through Notebookism.com

Update: Circa Junior Leather Jacket

Update: 02/02/07: ducly.wordpress.com/2007/02/02/notebookism



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