Mo 2007 pocket daily planner

June 20, 2007

Mo 2007 pocket daily planner

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
Tip of the Week (TOW)

For a while I had been using the accounting program call Quicken. (For tips on Quicken I direct you to Jennifer’s post: quicken.) Now I keep track of the spendings in this Moleskine pocket size notebook. It costs about $14 but worth it because it well preserve your sanity. My receipts are scattered all over the place. When ever I find one, I try to log it into the book. I’m proud to have just limit it to one card which makes it easy to keep track of. I write the amount, store name, and cash(CA) or credit(CRD). I try to use the bottom section of the page and leave the time sensitive section for appointments or important event of the day.

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