I visited the Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego. It’s a fabulous renovated building open about a year ago. It used to be a factory.http://www.1944.pl

Inside the Museum

Inside the Museum

Warsaw Uprising Museum



Old Typewriter of the Print Room

Warsaw Uprising Museum



my two photos group.  Soon to add more.



“Abus ride or taxi ride to the north, off ul Grzybowska, is the Museum of the Warsaw Rising. This impressive museum commemorates the 1944 Polish revolt against the Nazi occupiers of the city, via exhibits, photographs and audiovisual displays.” – Tim Richards of Lonely Planets Travel Guide.

Nowy Rok

January 4, 2007

Happy New Years!

I’m back from travels afar. Time is a funny thing. I’m loopy from Jet Lag.

Airline magazines are inspirational. I read them and day dream of all the times I can have to do the projects. I discover thing which I like and dream of having.

I watched ‘The Illusionist’ a beautiful film with cleaver plot.

But in reality time is limited.

Sometimes you wake in the odd hours of the night and plan in your head what you want to do the next day. When you wake, you are tired and can’t accomplish as much as you want to.

At the Cafe Goethe of Frankfurt airport, a woman sitting next to me is writing in her pocket Moleskine journal. She unwraps the plastic skin away from the notebook and proceed to write immediately, filling up the page with her thought.


September 10, 2003



i got the cd befriended finally

we drink hennessy from the metal tea pot at sam ho.
we are celebrating kelly’s birthday.
the crab arrives, and some squash.

tina comes back from the milwaukie farm market with fresh corns, and tomatoes.

at the delecja restaurant in Poznan, Poland, i had a beautiful salad with peeled tomatoes.

it is sunday morning, a beautiful morning, and i’m listening to befriends.

Poznan internet C@fe

February 19, 2003


Poznan internet C@fe

Hi Cindy,

I’m in the big city of Poznan now. Last night I got to my hotel for a bath and a fancy diner which cost about 10$ us. The food is excellent and cheap. I’m at the in the net cafe and I found a laundry service. I’ll be walking around old medieval town exploring the city. I do like to study the medieval architecture and towns. This is a lot like the trip I took to Hungary. I’m been doing well and being very safe.

I’ve been following bib news on TV. I heard about the South Korean subway arson, the blizzard in N.Y.

I think two weeks will be just enough time to explore the city. Last night I was very excited to arrive in the beautiful Old Town. My hotel is walking distance to everything. I will go to a classical concert on Saturday evening. Anyway, glad everyone is doing well. I just saw one Chinese


January 30, 2003




I’m going to Poland in a week. I don’t know what to expect.

I read a bit of Czslaw Milosz’s ‘Begining with My Streets’ just to get a flavor. I think that I will bring ‘Brothers of Karamazov’, and Huck Finn. I took Thomas Mann’s “Magic Mountain” to the carribean. I got that book from a Eugene, Smith Family Bookstore. The stick said it was from a Boston bookstore. Then my brother took it to New York. That book has travelled more than I have.




We had Scallope soup in a hot pot fondue. The scallopes are huge and thick, the size of a half dollar. I’ve been holding a book ‘Possession’ by A.S. Byatt. I read it a little just testing the pages with my toes before I really dip into it. This feeling of departing is arriving…the aftermath of the holiday post funk. My brothers are leaving soon and it’s a little sad…but it will be okay. And I am about to leave too.