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December 3, 2007

Wality 52

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I’ve been following Patrick’s blog for a while now. It was through his post that I found out about Cornell paper and also GTD with Base Camp. It seems Patrick is getting into analogue big time!

What I also like about this notebook is the tab. The white tab looks so much cleaner then my colorful tab which makes the white labels stand out too much. Here the white labels of the label maker blends in nicely.

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Wiki Circa

October 15, 2007

Work has started on a Wiki Circa:

The thought of writing for Wiki seems daunting. I’ve seen the stories of how the disc bound rollabind was started and I think someone should contribute and expand upon the stub. There should be a general disc bound and the include Atoma, Myndology, Rollabind and others.

LC1 Circa J

September 28, 2007

LC1 Circa J

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I’m so happy to get the DMC-LC1 back from the Panasonic shop. They fixed it for free because there was a glitch with the Sony CCD. If you buy the camera with in the last two years, the problem might arise. The sensor breaks down. At first, I took it to the local shop and they gave me an estimate of $200. Then I did some research on the internet to find that other people were having the same problem as me. Look into the Panasonic website for the phone number if you have the same problem.

Cira Manila Folder 2

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I do like to use the thick Moleskine blank sketch notebooks. I’ve already filled up about half of one. I was thinking of getting another one but I decided to save some money and make my own! The thing about the Moleskine is that I can’t re-arrange the pages. Often the good sketches need to be gather into a sensible organized order. I’ve toy with the idea of cutting pages from the Moleskine and then punch them with the Circa/Rolla paper puncher to accommodate the discs. This project accomplished both objectives nicely. I’m always hesitant to draw on the more expensive Moleskine sketch books. With these home-made pages, I am more likely to draw on them.

There were a lot of discarded Manila folders in my office which I was starting to hoard until one day there wasn’t room in the drawers any more. So I decided to recycle them into a notebook! The legal size is cut down with the paper guillotine, and the corners rounded. I bought a corner rounder at a scrap booking store or they even have it at Target’s scrapbook section. To minimize the waste, I first clip the tab edge as these can get damaged in the file shuffle. I line up to the seven inch mark and chop the tab edge. Then I measure eight inches and chop the folder again. You can use what ever dimensions you want.

The corner rounder is from EK Success.

The paper puncher and discs are from and

This is your tip of the week! Enjoy!

Featured in circarolla-mani

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Circa Junior Leather Fold Over

My First Circa Fold Over. Like a first set of Legos which strangely enough I have never own. I usually just play with my friend’s set. After all the looking at my comrade’s Fold Over, I collapsed and folded, head over heels for the Circa Fold Over. Even after trying out the Circa Jacket with a belt, I find myself using the cheaper version of the Rollanotebook fold over knock off more and more. The real estate on my office desk is precious. It’s amazing how compact a Junior folded over can become. So with the event of getting older, I thought that I would give myself a present. Plus there was a good deal on the ‘Sand’ color in the Levenger Summer Stock up Sale. I could not find this deal on the Levenger website. I mailed ordered mine. There were other goodies like a pen cup and paper clip holder for about $4. The Bookography line is also marked down. The sale lasts until August. Waiting at present for the CFO.

Update: My CFO arrived last Friday 7/20/07

This version is much improved because the pockets are now in the front cover instead of the back. It makes writing against a flat surface much more suitable. I don’t storage anything in the pockets. I also write on the Verso, the left side of the page and need a nice flat surface for that as well. The bomber version has the same design. Unfortunately, Levenger discontinue the Sand version.

Picture in facebook group ‘Lev’angelism’.

circa junior belt jacket

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glam shot of the Junior

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Rollabind notebook

May 1, 2007

Rollabind notebook

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R.I.P. (Roll in Peace)

The rumours are true. I went to Staples last weekend to mourn a little.

Hi Duc,

Someone was just checking out your Squidoo lens “CircaRolla” and wrote you the following note…


can you give me the product id for the rollabind notebook that you can buy at target or staples. i’ve contacted them and they can’t find it in their computer.



I think they don’t sell them any more at staples or target.
I was at Staples last Sunday and I didn’t see it.
There was a rumour that these stores stop selling them.
I have a number on the ISBN code: WHT9114A (junior); WHT9115A (Letter)


p.s. let me know if you can order it.

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