September 28, 2002


Two Blue Drawings

Lots of Asian pears in the garden.
Morning Jog. 5th level on Starwars Jedi Starfighters. Yesterday, two good draw/paintings. It was started several days ago. It was unresolved. So I just pencil on top of the acrylic and smeared it for a painterly-chalky look. I turn the whole composition upside down and backward. It was totally unexpected but good none the less. A good example of discovery and not going towards a work with preconceived notion.
Lastnight saw Daniel Libskin on Charlie Rose. Listening to beth orton hob.com radio. I am a big Beth Orton fan. Daybreaker.

The Red Star is an exquite graphic fiction about the Soviet militia:


About the works of Robert Mangold.
Matisses’ cutouts.
Diebenkorn’s influences: Matisses.
Part of it reminds me of Stuart Davis.

Good mood now because of sunshine and music. Tomorrow, we plan on hiking but the weather may turn for the worse.


September 26, 2002



Nine Gates

Here’s a series of works on paper. The series was inspired by Roman Polanskie’s movie “Ninethgate”. I like Roman’s film. Plus it was a numbers game to see if I could produce a lot of work with in a brief period of time that was consistant and thematic at the same time.



September 22, 2002


Wind, Full Moon, Sun

Full moon and wind through out the day.
The children run around trying to catch the dry leaves falling. The neighbor sweeping up pine needles. Still the sun is hot and the cool wind is nice. The yellow moon to night is a newly minted quarter.
I bought mocha. The woman behind the counter said two of her blender broke. “Must be the full moon,” She said.

I do love the fall season…it somehow is romantic with the lingering Indian summer. Does it mark the beginning of the year, I don’t know. Does it mark the end perhaps? I am content walking around in the warm wind, eating my toasted bagel and admiring the wooden bowl from the art festival. I picked on up to feel the weight. Even the stand, a small dark ring, is smoothly turned. I feel the craftsmanship in the ring design that encircled it. But I prefer the one with out. The smell of wood in fresh carries the essence of the forest in the hollow vessel. I catch a bit of vague conversation the artist is exchanging with his potential customer. Half of the fun is imagining the use for the bowl, where to place it in my nest. What I would put in it. But there are too many clutter in my place already. I walk away from the temptation, planning to circle back for it eventually. It was near closing time. I was saved by the bell.


September 20, 2002


The Quiet American

oh….on to “Winter of Discontent” even before I finish “Shipping News”. Winter has a good begining….very clear image and rich too…I’m tired of the poor Steinbeck characters. “Winter” seems more like “This Side of Paradise”.
Oh what a major difference broadband make. So busy down loading songs.

I have Nutbeem, an interesting name that refuses to leave my mind lately. He’s a character in the “Shipping News”. I think it would be fun to say oh Nutbeem! instead of oh Nuts…or gosh darn. Sometimes I carry these words around in my head. Meshmesh ma bouatery! is a word I learned from an anthropology class. I’ve spelled it wrong I’m sure and the meaning of it escapes me but still for some reason, that stuck with me since 1988. If I have a dog, I would name him that. Then I string along other words that ends with …tery. I’m strange like that. Little things like that define who I am as a person.
Hey Nutbeem, are you still there? Are you still with me? Maybe it’s the full moon, but I feel like writing. There are things that I have to do. Once they get done, I can concentrate on the writing. There are conversations that I type up during instant messaging that are seeds of inspiration which I must go back and edit.


September 8, 2002



Hamilton Hike

Tired from hike.
Elevation gain: 2500 ft.
No Goddess this time around.
We talk about silly stuff…such as writing a hiking guidebook with Goddess Ratings and weird incidents, snatches of over heard conversations. Like one we heard today: The women in the bathroom next-door said, “My ex was a great lover…but when he just wanted to poke…it was gross.”

The Columbia is ever present. I am getting to know the river more and more…each week. However, that may be our last hike for the summer. On the way down, Tim spotted two large deer on the trail. I was looking down the path and he was ahead of me. My whistling scared them both off. I was just happy and wasn’t aware that my whistling might scare off animals…but we weren’t expecting a deer. I saw their white behind skipping off. It was magical.
There have been plenty of snakes, which I never saw. There was one butterfly. The trail had certain characteristics such as a valley that caught chilly wind and threw it back at us. Certain area, the air smells so sweet. From the summit I could see Mt. Adam and a slight tip of Hood behind the smaller mountains.

Scrying Mirror

September 7, 2002



scrying mirror

A scrying mirror is a black mirror. Scrying is the ancient art of clairvoyance achieved by concentrating on an object-usually one with a reflective surface or semi-reflective surface until visions appear. (Which in my case is the mirror) You can use the mirror for divination and it holds many uses in spell work to contact and travel through the astral plane.
Christy says:
Mine is built into wood and in the back it has mugwort placed inside.

I am wondering to myself what is mugwort? The art of black magic intrigues me. I have bought a book on magic after crossing the Vancouver sound and seeing a whale for the first time in my life! I believed.


September 6, 2002


late thoughts

Every night I crawl down
To where existence crave,
The precursor to my shadows.

Every night weighs down upon me
A brick
At a time
A stone in my pocket
At a time
Like Virginia Woolf walking into the water,
I drown into a sea of Umbrian dreams:
The predecessor to my being.

Posted on 9.6.2002 at 12:00 AM