Between the Folds

August 15, 2010

Did you know it was the works of origami and other science that helped invent the air bag in automobiles?  They are doing work to investigate how to fold satellite into compact package that can be stored in rockets to be unfurled in outer space.  The airs fold and unfold as we breath.  These and many other fascinating subject is explored in this excellent documentary.  One of my favorite part is from a Dr. who confessed that he just wanted to fold paper after two fancy scientific degrees from Berkley.  I think he also wrote technical and mathematical papers so it’s not entirely true that he tossed it all away to just fold paper.

Origami involves both art and science.  It demonstrated several mathematical concepts.

corona typewriter

August 2, 2010


corona typewriter

Originally uploaded by lexly87 aka Duc N. Ly.

Summer Typing.

I bought this typewriter at a yard sale several summers ago.  I had it restored by Ace near St. Johns Bridge.  It is my favorite typewriter at the moment.  It is easy to move it into the sun for some typing fun.  It is very smooth typing compare to the older Corona Four.  It is not as heavy as the desk machines so it can be moved to an outdoor table.