An except of an interview with Jen

lexly says:
i’m drinking egg nog
lexly says:

Evil not Bad Jen says:
*throws shoe*
lexly says:
eggs are expensive in winter
lexly says:
chicken lay less eggs because it’s cold
Evil not Bad Jen says:
lex….jen used to live on a farm
Evil not Bad Jen says:
sooo no farm talk…
lexly says:
perhaps you could lend me your expert opinion on egg productions during winter
Evil not Bad Jen says:
hmm..i hope you mean chickens
lexly says:
yes that’s what i mean
Evil not Bad Jen says:
i thougth you were being gross
lexly says:
no…of course not.



December 21, 2002


Word Associations

Okay…. I play word associations with two people at the same time on msn. I learn a lot about them. One is preoccupied with a death of a friend who she misses dearly. She said that I like our mutual friend because I had mentioned her name several times during the game. She is partly correct with her assessment of me. The other one is utterly impenetrable. Still she found it an interesting game to play while she plays other on – line games. I have never really got through to the shield.

The crowd at home is too loud and we really don’t communicate anything. We went for noodles and drinks during lunch. I saw someone I knew from the past and I hide behind my hat for a moment. When I was ready to leave, I waved to the person I was trying to avoid, but he ignored me. The wonton was wrapped with small shrimps, whole not cut up to bits. So my teeth cut it into pieces.

I found some quiet time at the library to read about Larry River and Barbara Goldsmith’s impression of him. I was glad to do some thinking and felt that I had accomplished something. I feel that my routine has been interrupted and I am a little scattered. But during lunch, we managed to have a nice exchange.

Some of my friends gave me titles of songs in their country. I look up the latest hits from Holland, and Poland. We told each other our favorite songs and promise to burn a CD of our favorite songs together. I thought this is a fantastic idea.

If the City Burns

December 4, 2002



If the cities burn

If the cities burn,
search for me in its amber ashes.
I’ll be waiting there for you,
Lovely heart in hand,
Glad for the respite.
In the ruin of twilight’s winter city,
of hearts aglow and desires repent,
the serpent rides
the lullabies;
in its hours of sleep and dreaming
Waking and taking,
Waking and loving you.