St. Lucia

June 25, 2000


June 25, 2000 Sunday



One of my favorite vacation spot.

Anse La Raye

After a lunch at JJ’s Paradise, I needed a boat ride back to my sea house. I met a nice Rastafarian. He ferries a boat around the bay. He offers to take me to Anse Cochon for snorkeling. I had to bargain a price with him of course. On the way to Anse Cochon, he let me fish on from the boat. He just had a line on a wooden block. I almost caught it. The fish was on the line but wind itself around the propeller cut the engine off and got away. I saw a little bit of its tail when Don, the Rasta man leans over to pick the fish. Luckily Don had already caught a yellow tail fish earlier. He kept it in the boat. When we reach shore on Anse Cochon. He started a fire between the rocks and cooks the fish, washed it in salt water and gave me the tail end half. It was delicious. We went by a flock of white cranes perched upon the cliff rocks like Go tablets. Don stop off at Anse La Raye, a fishing village where he and his girlfriend live. We had talked about his home life and his dream of putting an engine on his big boat. The village is charming. Brilliant yellow and rusted color speckled rooster roam the street, old women hanging sheets on the wire. I stopped by a casual soccer game and asked Don to snap a picture of the soccer field background and me. The kids wanted me to take a picture of them and pay them money for doing so. Don buys me a beer at his local hang out. The local St. Lucian beer is named after the island’s mountain: Piton. There’s Gros Piton, and Petite Piton.

(They make up the distinctive twin peaks in a landscape, which is relatively featureless except maybe the Pigeon Island, which is not very high. We scale the Pigeon islands)

I first trip to the Caribbean. When I was 10 years old, I lived for a year on a Malaysian Refugee Island. Twenty years later, I miss the tropical island and wanted to remember it again. However, I visited another island instead. It is totally different from Malaysia but the ocean is the same to me.