Real Simple

March 28, 2007

real simple

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Thursday Tip of the Week.

If you watch ‘Ugly Betty’, which will be on tonight, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the orange products of Real Simple because it matches the Mode office color scheme.

The Orange 3×5 index cards is from Real Simple. There’s also a 4×6 size. They have a collection at Target. I like the round corners. The cards come with or without the orange cover. Frankly, I find the cover hard to use because it has one hole punched and the bolts hold the cards together. If you want to access the card you have to swivel the cover and thus loosening the bolt/screw pin. I had to use my thumb nail as a screw driver many times to tighten the darn thing. I would not recommend it. The cards themselves are color coded into three colors: blue, pink, and orange. The color code strip is at one end, bound by the band. At the bolted end, the edges are rounded, and perforated for tearing. The perforated space made the card longer then the standard 3×5.
Very hip. These 3×5 will be made into a Circa Rolla hpda.

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One Response to “Real Simple”

  1. Gwynne Says:

    I have one of these in brown, and love it. But I also hated the post that held the cards together, much more annoying than it was worth. So I switched it out with a binder ring. Let’s me add more cards, and works wonders. The band broke from two much use, I replaced it with a hair tie.

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