Warm Vanilla Sugar Hpda Cover

April 5, 2007

light blue hpda cover

Originally uploaded by lexly87.
So last night I was taking out the garbage and found a plastic empty container from The White Barn Candle Co. that my wife bought at Bath and Body Works. Hm…right there I had an idea. I quickly snatched up the plastic art material and sneaked it into my work bag. This is a terrible habit I know. More then once has my lovely wife chided me for picking up trash for my art projects. This is the final product and your Thursday Tip of the Week!!

I like this idea because:

  1. I’m doing my part to recycle waste.
  2. The plastic is not so thick yet strong enough to be a cover and can be easily punched with out damaging my portable Rollabind puncher.
  3. The clear plastic is see through, so there are potentials for decorative craft if you are so inclined.
  4. The cover will have a subtle scent of Vanilla or a variety of any other scent of your choice. (Japanese Cherry Blossom bubble bath gel is just heavenly.)

Speaking of see-through, the blue underneath the Warm Vanilla Sugar Cover is from a Mead 3×5 color coded two ring index card pack. It comes with two blue very small and good tab deviders. It is slightly thicker then the Vanilla Cover.

I’m not saying that you should go out and buy the Fragrance Bulb to creat a cover, but if you find other similar products with the same gauge plastic (please let me know) it could be potential for a really cool cover for your Hpda Circa Rolla projects. The Fragrance Bulb has a very nice smell. I plug it into my electrical outlet and people think that I’m baking cookies at the office.

Other uses for this cover: simple-mynd-hack

Good Luck on your projects!

Okay this is also an opportunity to write an open letter to my garbage company. The big old truck rolls around Thursday morning around 5 or if we are lucky 6am. Why do they pick this time to wake up the neighborhood. One woman complained that it feels like the noise is right under her pillow. We had a Condo Association meeting and no one else is going to do anything about this noise pollution. It could be that the elderly residents are heavily medicated or sedated so they don’t hear the ‘garbage thunder’ or make a fuss. I figure the garbage company would be sensitive to an elderly community and re-schedule their pick up time. Maybe the enraged neighbor and I will work up a petition to re-schedule the pick up time.

The Garbage Company’s Response

Somewhat related: replayground.com/pages/shop/foodnt.asp




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