October 27, 2003


Sometimes there would be left over gizzards. When I worked at a convenient store I remember: I remember moping up and getting free soda pop drinks and a movie to watch after work

the doc

October 12, 2003


Doctor Underoo

I brought my framed photographs for the doctor to see. I cut myself on the corner of the frame where it is sharp. I asked the receptionist for a band-aid. He laid the specimen on the plastic examination bed. He suggests that we walk out to my car to see the rest of the framework. I lay them out on the parking lot bumper. I looked at the gallery. It’s in the sunken atrium lobby area of a medical school in Northwest. It’s apart of Linfield College. It was interesting.

Small Bones

October 11, 2003


small bones

Hi Gini,

I have a thought for your work. I can put some of the work on a sculpture pedestals. They are white and square column like. The red circle piece that you didn’t have the frame for is almost like a sculpture. What do you think. Some of the smaller pieces, I like how you display them in your studio. I should have photographed your work table with the bones. But I didn’t want to be too intrusive. Anyway.