Rollabind’s Portable Punch

February 20, 2007

Rollabind Portable Puncher

Here is a close up of the Rollabind Notebook. This photo was taken when the notebook was one week old. After a few months, the faux leather is fraying at the corner edges. A few questions came up regarding this little punch. I’ve asked permission to post an email exchange which I’ll post later.

And here it is just hours later:

Judy of the Woods asked: What are the dies of the Rollabind portable punch made of? I have seen a photo of the packaging and it sais the punch is made of hard PVC. Is that just the body, or the actual cutters too? Rolodex do a tiny all plastic business card punch , so I guess a plastic punch is possible. The cheapest I have found here in the UK is still a whopping £27. Would you say the portable is similar in strength, if not in shape, to a normal two-hole punch? I’d love to try the system, but want to do all my own punching, including card covers, but not spend a fortune.

Hi Judy of the woods,
I believe the part that punches the paper is metal. The rest of the parts are hard plastic for lightweight. I desk punch from Levenger is made of metal. Thanks for pointing us to the Roladex punch site. That’s an interesting Website for the Roladex Punch. I still use the Roladex for my telephone book at work.

Hi Lexly,
thanks for the reply. I may splash out and get the small punch – the desk punch is £60 here, about $120 !
Glad you found the Roladex link usefull – found it in my search, and thought it might be of use to someone looking at Rollabind stuff. I actually made a template once to use a craft knife to cut Rolladex cards.


Here’s where I asked Judy permission to post our exchange.

Hi Lexly,
You can post the information, no problem. Did you mean email or website address? Both are fine, BUT, if you post my email address, please don’t write it out as it would normally show, as spam bots scour the web for email addresses and you end up with loads of spam. Can you write ‘at’ and ‘dot’ , that should foil them, and is invisible to robots. Thanks.
Thanks for the other message too. I did have a look at the Rollabind website, and a number others too. The shipping costs would probably be way too high, though I have read on some post about some item being sent to the UK still cheaper than UK shops sell, who just change £ for $ and leave the figure, making it twice the $ price. Heck, I could get addicted to this stuff. Have you seen the Belgian Atoma range? They do a beautiful ‘Bio’ version with wooden rings and a brown card cover atoma, and also do one with aluminium rings, which looks very slick.
A pitty they don’t have a punch to make your own. The rings are probably not compatible with Rollabind. I guess, I’ll have to learn how to use a lathe……just kidding… maybe….


On 22 Feb ’07, 7.33pm PST judyofthewoods said:

Hi Duc,

I just found a set of pictures here with Atoma notebooks, sold by Myndology in the US (like circa). Thought you might have missed it, since it has no circa or rollabind tags. Found via the DIY planner forum

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3 Responses to “Rollabind’s Portable Punch”

  1. tschai Says:

    hi duc,
    is the portable 3 hole punch really much more expensive than the a4 length punch? its only $29 / $59.

  2. ducly Says:

    Tschai, I think the photo I have can be miss leading. The portable punch can also punch the whole long paper. It is less expensive then the full metal desk punch. I think I would prefer the Metal desk punch for the longer paper and the portable for a handy three punch of the index. The portable punch is easier to carry around though.

  3. Ted Says:

    ATTENTION: looks like Rollabind has gone out of business. and are both parked and one phone number gives out-of-service while the other goes to answering machine. I placed an order on 11-June-2008 and have called and emailed multiple times — each time was told “order should be shipped” but nothing yet 5-July-2008. Their company info on my credit card statement is:
    S J CREATIVE GROUP LLC 954-9724004 FL and I’m disputing the charge.

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