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March 30, 2007


How’s this for coincidence? Some one just handed me a box from Dickblick, as I was looking at the post on notebookism about the very same product! I’m so excited to try this pocket portrait. The size is 5.5″ x 3.5″ same as the pocket Moleskine. It is thicker the the Mole. I really like the proportions of this book. It has an bright orange ribbon bookmark. The Ultramarine blue cloth cover is very sturdy. What is unique is the textured pattern binding band. Clearly, this is very similar to the Moleskine. But I think that Hand*book has improved upon the basic idea. The binding band doesn’t look like it came from some undergarment. And Hand*book has made a variety of size in both portrait and landscape. Clearly Hand*book has created a line of watercolor books that are very useful for the artist who wants to pack up and go out for a watercolor or any other medium sketch. Oh I forgot to mention one important factor. Because the Moleskine’s paper has a manila tone, the eraser marks can show up. In the white pages of Hand*book, you won’t have that problem. The spine is much stronger then the Moleskine.

hand*book is manufactured & distributed by GLOBAL ART MATERIALS, INC. Kansas City, MO.


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Address File Box 3

March 30, 2007

Address FIle Box 3

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I’ve been searching for a good container to store the index cards. This is a good example.

Kitty has some other exampls on etsy.com. I like the recycle indexbncards that she has laboriously rounded the corners. Inside the box is an amazing variety of cards. I think I spotted some library due date cards?!?

Real Simple

March 28, 2007

real simple

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Thursday Tip of the Week.

If you watch ‘Ugly Betty’, which will be on tonight, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the orange products of Real Simple because it matches the Mode office color scheme.

The Orange 3×5 index cards is from Real Simple. There’s also a 4×6 size. They have a collection at Target. I like the round corners. The cards come with or without the orange cover. Frankly, I find the cover hard to use because it has one hole punched and the bolts hold the cards together. If you want to access the card you have to swivel the cover and thus loosening the bolt/screw pin. I had to use my thumb nail as a screw driver many times to tighten the darn thing. I would not recommend it. The cards themselves are color coded into three colors: blue, pink, and orange. The color code strip is at one end, bound by the band. At the bolted end, the edges are rounded, and perforated for tearing. The perforated space made the card longer then the standard 3×5.
Very hip. These 3×5 will be made into a Circa Rolla hpda.

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Circa Hipsters

March 28, 2007

Circa Hipsters

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This is Naynay’s second appearance on this blog. I thought that this template with the telephone icon is a very nice design. You can find it on DIY Planner. NayNay said “Template has been posted on diyplanner. Titled ‘Today’“.

By the way, when I was at Staples, I saw some notebooks with the very same cover and thought it looked familiar, so I searched my short term memory and thought I saw it in the Circa Rolla Flcka. Sure enough. Check out the stubby writing utensils. Thanks for your hard work Naynay! (I like the name).


My Circa page grid

March 27, 2007

Duc circa page grid

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A sketch. This is the back of a letter size Circa Grid paper.

After reading about Tom Kelley‘s use of the grid paper, I decided to try it. Because there’s a grid, it encourages me to draw. The letter hand writing is readable and can be written in the portrait or landscape mode.

The grid is 1/4 inch square.

In an earlier post I made some erroneous assumptions about the “smurf’. This drawing is an attempt to correct that. I believe the profile that I’ve drawn, silhouette shape is similar to the Rollabind Portable Punch. The Circa Notebook has a slightly different shape silhouette. Both system is interchangeable or “interoperable” to use Ryan Rassmussen’s term.

An aside, I have not seen the Atoma disc. I plan to look into that and compare the ‘smurfs’ between the three systems: Circa, Rolla, and Atoma.

Thank You R.R

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Amanda Marshall

March 26, 2007

amanda marshall1

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Some one commented on this picture and thus brought to my attention the excellentness of live music in Bookstores. Borders used to host these jam session amongst the bookshelves and java beans.

Flirty Library Cards

March 26, 2007

I had posted ealier my yearnings for the due date card.

Remember these guys, reminders for due dates? Go back to those simple times again with this flirty card provided by Papertrail.

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Mary from Papertrail sent me this email:

PS. I wanted to tell you that I’ve had more time to check out your blog and I LOVE it! I have had a HPDA for about 2 years and I am always interested in GTD and notebook info.