Red Boat Fish Sauce

August 23, 2012

Recently I saw an article in Travel + Leisure about a large community of Vietnamese living in different parts of the States. The article went on to say that Pho in those places are just as good and authentic as the ones from Vietnam.  I would have to agree.  The Pho I get here in Portland from Pho Huong seems to be just as good as the ones I had in Vietnam.  Although in Vietnam, one can get good pho just about any where even at bus stops.  Then there was a blurb about fish sauce so I wrote to Red Boat asking for a sample bottle of their delicious fish sauce.  It caught my eye because my girl friend’s from the island, Phu Quoc, where the black anchovies are from.  She’s been teaching me how to cook some really delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes.  The fish sauce is an excellent condiment and ingredient to our cooking.

The packaging is well designed and the product arrived safely to our home. Thanks you Betsy.


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Sardine Sandwich

August 17, 2012


So recently I mention to my girlfriend that I was craving a sardine sandwich, the kind that I used to eat on Pulau Bidong.  On Bidong, the bread came out of the sand oven and the sardine can rest on an open flame stove with the lid open to cook.  She went to Fubon, our local Asian Supermarket and bought me a can.  I have a toaster oven so we popped the buns in the oven and opened up the can of Sardine.  I poured the sardines into a small sauce pan and heated it up.  She put a lot of onion and Sriracha hot chili sauce to spice things up a bit and to kill the fishy flavor. Image

Home Made Wonton

August 2, 2012

Recently, my girlfriend and I decided to make Wonton from scratched.  She taught me to make the chicken broth.  Some secrets that I’ll tell.  She toasts the onion in the toaster and drop the whole bulb into the chicken broth.  Drop a generous about of sesame seed oil into the ground pork.  I strain broth and stored the elixir in the plastic containers with lid, the ones that they give you when you order take outs from Pho restaurants.  I put about ten wontons in a quart size zip lock bag.  They go in the freeze and I bring them out to thaw for super.  The batch lasted me a whole weeks worth of diners and lunches.


The frozen chicken stock is thawed.


The Wonton stored in ziplock plastic bag is thawed then boiled.

a close up shot of the Wonton soup and scallion.

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