You’re Fin-tastic!

February 6, 2008


It’s time again to say thank you and you’re Fin-tastic to my readers out there!

Give it some love!

Card generously provided by P.S. Cards on Etsy.

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Yellow Rose book

December 21, 2007

Yellow Rose book
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Some gift ideas.

From LoucheLab on
I’ve been following Aya’s work for a while on flickr. Here’s a bookmarks she made before opening up shop on etsy.
We exchanged one postcard for the postcard project.

From an email:

That’s would be really awesome!
Thanks so much, the website looks beautiful.
OK, I’m going back to bed, I went to sleep at noon today after staying up all night – it was fun but now I feel really strange.


Loaded Hip Press

December 19, 2007


This is following the theme of “Libraian Hotness”.  Loaded Hip Press has a variety of cards too.

I have a whole series of arm braces/injuries/little girl lingerie/voyeuristic paintings. I call them my “what is erotic about injury” paintings. I started them after recovering from tendinitis in both arms! I had to wear those itchy braces and my friends had to help me get groceries because I couldn’t carry the bags.
But, drats I wish I had better photos of the frame…

Shannon of Loaded Hip Press.

Cubist Lit

April 18, 2007

This is the work of art is by the talented Cubist Lit on I had asked him permission to post it a long time ago. Now just seems the right time.

Address File Box 3

March 30, 2007

Address FIle Box 3

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I’ve been searching for a good container to store the index cards. This is a good example.

Kitty has some other exampls on I like the recycle indexbncards that she has laboriously rounded the corners. Inside the box is an amazing variety of cards. I think I spotted some library due date cards?!?


March 7, 2007


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Aya, incredible artist. This is a series of book markers muses to keep you reading all night long.