Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with rubber bands. We made jump ropes out of daisy chaining together the small round stretchy loops. I can make a five pointed and then a ten pointed star stretching them around my finger tips. It was almost a necessary skill to get into the cool club/tree houses. I would show the new kids on the block how this was done and they would welcome me to their pizza patio parties. The older kids would invite me to watch rocket launches. Looking at Jack Spade’s stores on line and features of his shop in magazine, I’m always reminded of those innocent boyhood times. Afternoons spent in the track fields flying kites and launching rockets. Or piling into a mini-van for a summer matinee of Star Wars. Well, Jack has grown up but not banish those good old times. In fact a lot of the products cater to those nostalgia.

Let’s look at a few products shall we? First there is the designer giant Rubber band. I’m already having ideas to experiment with it as an awesome sling shot. Those awesome bands can be disguised as elastics to hold together an important file in the board room. But hey when the CEO is not looking, a Rubberband war can break out! Or they can be an essential part of your Macgyver tool kit!

What I’m lusting after most at the moment is the Duck Canvase Pencil Case. Oh how sweet it is!

Check out unique books and cards from jack spade.

Andy Spade’s 10_essentials

JACK …Strikes Back

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April 25, 2007



Type Writer

I have the Wii for about a week now and it’s going great. I whacked at the air for tennis, and putted my golf balls. It was strange to play that game all by myself. It’s hard to explain the sensation. It was like playing air guitar. I felt silly. Probably like the first person who ran on a tread mill. But it was all fun. I think I would have felt less strange if other people were swinging along with me. What’s different about the conventional control versus the Wii remote? Well one thing is that I’m not accustomed to holding a remote more then an hour. Usually, I use the remote to turn on / off a television or adjust the volume. While I think that is one of the reasons, there are others. You see, at the same time that I got the Wii, my office decided to get rid of a big old electric type writer. I rescued it from the trash and brought it home with me. So I got to experience a leap forward into video technology and at the same time, a leap backwards. (Good examples of how old technology is sometimes better then the new one happen just now, as I was writing along and wanted to save it into this blog. Most of it disappear and fail to be visible. So I’ll try to rewrite what I was thinking about) Ah yes I was saying that I’m in my late thirties and wrote my school papers on a typewriter. As word processing programs became available, I made the switch over and have become accustom to writing in a non linear fashion; skipping around and adding and taking stuff away, editing as I write not after the fact. So after a session of air swing in-front of the television screen, I would go to my new old typewriter. There it was looming in front of me. The white paper looks to be the size of a match book sitting in an over size writing machine. It emitted a low hum. When I started typing, a clatter of keys come a live, as the daisy wheel rotated and the hammer head branded each precise letter into the pale white flesh of the page. I was knocking out words like it was going out of style. Never mind if it was good writing. I got that instant gratification of seeing what I wanted to say appears straight away. There was no going back, no editing. I was mesmerized with the mechanical process, staring at the hammer head that was making the words. I had to commit myself to the page. Everything I wrote was recorded. It was all so permanent.

What’s this got to do with the Wii? Well imagine that you are air typing. What if there was a way to tape ten sensors to your fingers and thumbs and it recorded your typing? That’s what playing with the wireless Wii remote is like. It made me think that it’s possible to create a writing machine without the keyboard. The strange sensation can be compare to typing without a keyboard, though Wii is far away from such an apparatus. (Recently, Wii added Opera Internet search capability. So if you have a big screen, you can surf along in the 42″ plus plasma-tic t.v. screen. There are rumors of a keyboard, but a wired ordinary board. One can save a favorite website for easy access. So next time one doesn’t have to hunt and peck the virtual keyboard one letter at the time with the Wii Remote.)

You get the picture. It’s like swinging a remote instead of a golf club. I had become accustom to conventional controls for video games. This is one leap into the virtual world. Still there are clues to ground the player in the physical world. Built into the Wii remote has a small sensor that vibrates and alerts me that I’ve placed the cursor onto the right spot. So Wii has given us a visual and well as a physical clue. You don’t see this feature built into the mouse. It’s amazingly easy to adapt to this type of intuitive remote.

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This American Life

April 24, 2007

Recently I received a new letter from Vox call Vox Talk. The big announcement is that ‘This American Life’ is on Vox!!
So I added Ira Glass as a friend on here to keep track of what’s happening in the program. Plus there’s the podcast of the show. Way to Go Vox.






natalia Antonova.wordpress.com/2007/04/18/299



April 10, 2007

If you would like to have your designed feature on tisimi.com, upload some projects. You’ll get comments and votes from tisimi members. This site is in it’s early experimental stages. Robin, one of the innovators from tisimi, saw some of my projects on Flickr and invited me to join. It’s a perfect place as it concentrates on design projects. There are futurist car designs, and product design show cases. Improvements are constantly being made on the website’s interface. There is also a forum to discuss ways to make the website better. Flickr has limited my free account, which locks many of my photographs, I’ll be migrating my projects and photographs to Tisimi.

Hi tisimi.com member

The first tisimi.com design competition has ended and here are the winners*:

1. Martin Kingsley – USD $1,000 Martin

2. Duc Ly – Nintendo Wii Duc

3. Andreas Hellman – iPod Shuffle

We are hard at work making tisimi.com a better site with a brand new look & feel and great new features. We are also upgrading the hardware, moving to bigger and faster servers.

We are mega excited about the new site, which will feature fantastic new competitions sponsored by Kodak and Corel Software, and have even more prizes.

The new site will launch soon, so stay tuned.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Robin Daniels

The tisimi team

Hi Duc,

Congratulations! You’ve won the 2nd prize on tisimi.com’s first competition, which is a Nintendo Wii. I also want to thank you for helping us out with testing the site.

Right now we are in the process of changing the look and feel completely, and migrating to new and faster servers.

I am sure you will like the new site, and can’t wait to hear your feedback about it when we launch.

We are going to announce the winners of the competition in our email newsletter, and I was wondering if you prefer we use your real name or your username to announce who’s the winner?

Also, where would you like the Nintendo sent to?

Thanks and congratulations!


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Remember the days of small family run video stores? They always had a section on the shelf of recommendations from the employees. Steinfeld even did couple of episodes on the phenomena. Elan was infatuated with a certain mysterious video store clark’s recommendations. She had a on going affair with his seemingly perfect match video recommendations to her taste. She had found a Video soul-mate. I recall the affair turn out disastrously when she discovered that her soul-mate is a pimple face teenager.

Well here I am re instating the Recommendation phenomena.

My brother Andy (neither pimply nor a teenager) is a hip New Yorker. He’s always attending cool museums, parties, and other happenings in the big apple. My only connection to hipness. Just last week he was in Dia Beacon to see Richard Serra’s enormous cor-ten steel. I can only hear about such thing on the radio. Apparently, people have died due to accidents while installing the pieces. Richard has a ruthless belief that if people get in his way about his art he will avoid them at all cost even if it means divorce.

So here’s Andy’s recommendations: You Tube Hyper Text

From Rebecca of BluebirdStudio:

thought this would interest you http://www.cloverfieldpress.com/aboutus.html

Some of the authors of Cloverfield Press will be gracing Portland with their presence in a reading at Powell’s book store. Check out the calendar of events at powells.com I believe it’s schedule for April 9th.

(I apologize for the small text. If you push ‘Ctrl’ and ‘+’ or ‘-‘ keys together, the whole web-page magnifies to your desire degree of perceptibility.)

From Ryan:


If you hadn't already read this, I thought you might enjoy it.
The perculiar smell of mail of some stationary.

( excerpt, "..It is my pleasure to report that a standard black Sharpie marker
works reasonably well for writing on a salted cod. I know this because I once
used a salted cod for stationery..")



Hope you like it.

If you find anything to recommend to this site please write to me at lexly87{at}msn{dot}com.

Amanda Marshall

March 26, 2007

amanda marshall1

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Some one commented on this picture and thus brought to my attention the excellentness of live music in Bookstores. Borders used to host these jam session amongst the bookshelves and java beans.