Postcard from Second Life.

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I think showing in Second Life is a whole new experience because I can meet people and view the work together instead of just the one reception night on Real Life Galleries. I also like showing my friends work this way.

The Rabbicorn story

August 5, 2009

The Rabbicorn story
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Here’s some photos from  the IBM installation by Bryn Oh.

Bryn Oh

August 4, 2009

Couple nights ago, Austin Ellison invited Maddie and I into Bryn Oh’s installation in Second Life (SL).  IBM approached her (Bryn Oh) to install the narative piece.  I have formed some sensations about it and want to share them here.  The narrative is similar to a hyper text of the internet.  In Second Life, the link is call a teleport.  Usually these orbs are circular spheres of a garish color.  Oh’s teleport orb are sparkly filaments, the the ass of a firefly.  I find all of the tones muted and easay on the eyes.  I had a chat with her last night about some of her work.  She has a theory about immersive art and environment which is intriquing.  Her believe is that SL allows one to enter into a painting and controls the perspective as to have an other body experience.  She likes to execute the concept according to the medium.  For those who are not in SL, you can google her work and read about the process of constructing the work and how her work has evolved.  It’s impressive because it seems to combine all of the discipline of art: installation, video, performance, painting, music, book, poems, writen words into an imaginative narrative.

Here’s our unedited conversation:

[2009/08/03 18:15]  Bryn Oh: (Saved Mon Aug  3 17:10:49 2009) why not?
[2009/08/03 18:16]  Ducce Lykin: thought u were busy.
[2009/08/03 23:03]  Ducce Lykin: are you intsalling?
[2009/08/03 23:04]  Bryn Oh: just chatting
[2009/08/03 23:04]  Ducce Lykin: cool
[2009/08/03 23:04]  Ducce Lykin: so it took u long time to build?
[2009/08/03 23:04]  Ducce Lykin: to learn i mean
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Bryn Oh: well i began in my first week
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Bryn Oh: and i guess 6 months
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Bryn Oh: but it is the way to go
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Bryn Oh: from an art perspective
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Bryn Oh: if thats your interest
[2009/08/03 23:08]  Ducce Lykin: has any one done an interview with you for a blog?…
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Ducce Lykin: yeah that’s my interest
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Bryn Oh: sure tons
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Ducce Lykin: how did u find out about sl
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Ducce Lykin: oh okay then i won’t do one lol
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Bryn Oh: lol
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Bryn Oh: well think of it this way ducce
[2009/08/03 23:09]  Bryn Oh: in 5 years what will this medium be remember for?
[2009/08/03 23:10]  Bryn Oh: it wont be remembered for jpegs on a prim
[2009/08/03 23:10]  Bryn Oh: but for other things
[2009/08/03 23:10]  Bryn Oh: think of it as a medium
[2009/08/03 23:10]  Bryn Oh: what are its strengths
[2009/08/03 23:10]  Ducce Lykin: yeah true
[2009/08/03 23:11]  Ducce Lykin: what do u think is the strengths
[2009/08/03 23:11]  Bryn Oh: well for me i am in a movement i call Immersiva
[2009/08/03 23:11]  Bryn Oh: its where you draw ones attention away from rl
[2009/08/03 23:11]  Bryn Oh: completely
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: but it will be far more than this
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: as time goes on
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: so for example
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: i am a painter in rl
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: my work is a 2d image on a wall
[2009/08/03 23:12]  Bryn Oh: and people look at it and in some cases can be drawn into it
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: but sl is a painting you can go inside
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: and explore
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Ducce Lykin: aha yes
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Ducce Lykin: nice idea
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: the problem is
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: our peripheral vision
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: we see past the outside of our screen
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: and see things which draw us back into rl
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: such as a bill on the desk
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: or perhaps the phone rings
[2009/08/03 23:13]  Bryn Oh: etc
[2009/08/03 23:14]  Bryn Oh: they break immersion
[2009/08/03 23:14]  Bryn Oh: what i will do one day
[2009/08/03 23:14]  Bryn Oh: is to custom build someones fantasy
[2009/08/03 23:14]  Bryn Oh: perhaps their favorite place
[2009/08/03 23:14]  Bryn Oh: a beach.. their grandmothers home etc
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: and when they come home from work all exhausted
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: they can plug into this custom paradise
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: with rl friends or with generated ones
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: a custom lover perhaps
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: who is exactly what they find attractive
[2009/08/03 23:15]  Bryn Oh: etc
[2009/08/03 23:16]  Ducce Lykin: interesting
[2009/08/03 23:16]  Bryn Oh: this is what the medium can do
[2009/08/03 23:16]  Bryn Oh: eventually
[2009/08/03 23:18]  Ducce Lykin: how did u find out about sl?
[2009/08/03 23:19]  Bryn Oh: i read an article about a man who spent all his money on a condo in a place called second life… i had to see this for myself.
[2009/08/03 23:19]  Ducce Lykin: hehe
[2009/08/03 23:20]  Ducce Lykin: and u got immersed
[2009/08/03 23:20]  Ducce Lykin: so painting is dead
[2009/08/03 23:20]  Ducce Lykin: how do u get ur muted tones?
[2009/08/03 23:24]  Bryn Oh: painting is not dead
[2009/08/03 23:25]  Bryn Oh: its just not the best use of sl
[2009/08/03 23:25]  Bryn Oh: what does it do here?
[2009/08/03 23:25]  Bryn Oh: a jpeg is a very very poor substitute for a painting
[2009/08/03 23:25]  Bryn Oh: and it uses none of the tools sl gives us
[2009/08/03 23:26]  Ducce Lykin: aha right
[2009/08/03 23:26]  Ducce Lykin: what’s ur opinion on sculpties?
[2009/08/03 23:27]  Bryn Oh: i dont use them but I appreciate them.  I was trained in softimage.
[2009/08/03 23:27]  Ducce Lykin: what is softimage?
[2009/08/03 23:27]  Bryn Oh: i thought you were not doing a blog post
[2009/08/03 23:28]  Ducce Lykin: lol
[2009/08/03 23:28]  Ducce Lykin: just chatting
[2009/08/03 23:28]  Ducce Lykin: how do i access saved chats?
[2009/08/03 23:28]  Bryn Oh: i am not sure
[2009/08/03 23:28]  Bryn Oh: i have not tried to do that before
[2009/08/03 23:30]  Ducce Lykin: i found it
[2009/08/03 23:31]  Bryn Oh: you are part of the long now foundation?
[2009/08/03 23:31]  Ducce Lykin: yes
[2009/08/03 23:31]  Bryn Oh: is that how you found me?
[2009/08/03 23:31]  Ducce Lykin: i blog post the entire interview with andrew
[2009/08/03 23:31]  Ducce Lykin: i found you through austin ellison
[2009/08/03 23:32]  Ducce Lykin: i used to film me dancing on hehe
[2009/08/03 23:33]  Ducce Lykin: that was my machina practice
[2009/08/03 23:33]  Bryn Oh: ah yes i remember austin
[2009/08/03 23:34]  Ducce Lykin: good
[2009/08/03 23:35]  Ducce Lykin: do u see sl as an artist residency>?
[2009/08/03 23:35]  Bryn Oh: i think artists stay
[2009/08/03 23:35]  Bryn Oh: many come here but artists stay
[2009/08/03 23:38]  Ducce Lykin: hehe
[2009/08/03 23:38]  Ducce Lykin: there have been some article on artnews
[2009/08/03 23:38]  Ducce Lykin: but i was disppointed in them
[2009/08/03 23:39]  Ducce Lykin: i think ur work is more powerful then their conceptual sexual things
[2009/08/03 23:39]  Bryn Oh: which article?
[2009/08/03 23:40]  Bryn Oh: i dont know them
[2009/08/03 23:41]  Ducce Lykin: i can’t  remember
[2009/08/03 23:42]  Ducce Lykin: but their art was reallly terrible that i saw
[2009/08/03 23:42]  Ducce Lykin: just suxed…i can’t believe it was in artnews
[2009/08/03 23:42]  Ducce Lykin: but at least art news give sl a nod
[2009/08/03 23:43]  Bryn Oh: oh filthy fluno?
[2009/08/03 23:43]  Bryn Oh: oh that was ny times
[2009/08/03 23:43]  Ducce Lykin: there was on in artnews too
[2009/08/03 23:43]  Bryn Oh: well i am not sure the article you mean or the artist
[2009/08/03 23:43]  Bryn Oh: but rl publications
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Bryn Oh: they dont understand sl yet
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Ducce Lykin: yeah?
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Bryn Oh: so when a rl reporter comes into sl
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Bryn Oh: who doenst normally come here
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Ducce Lykin: i know i think we understand them better and bloggers do a better job lol
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Bryn Oh: they try to link rl art to what is happening
[2009/08/03 23:44]  Bryn Oh: they do
[2009/08/03 23:45]  Ducce Lykin: right and they don’t think ahead.
[2009/08/03 23:45]  Bryn Oh: they dont yet see it as its own medium
[2009/08/03 23:45]  Bryn Oh: they see it as a means to market rl art
[2009/08/03 23:46]  Bryn Oh: but its value is far greater than that
[2009/08/03 23:46]  Bryn Oh: here look at this…
[2009/08/03 23:46]  Bryn Oh: and think of the technology
[2009/08/03 23:46]  Bryn Oh: and then place milo in sl
[2009/08/03 23:47]  Bryn Oh:
[2009/08/03 23:47]  Ducce Lykin: but not all of us are as good as u to build lol
[2009/08/03 23:47]  Bryn Oh: it takes work just as any other medium does
[2009/08/03 23:47]  Bryn Oh: and commitment
[2009/08/03 23:48]  Bryn Oh: and there are many works in sl that dont rely on technical skill
[2009/08/03 23:48]  Bryn Oh: but on concept
[2009/08/03 23:48]  Ducce Lykin: really wow
[2009/08/03 23:48]  Ducce Lykin: i’ll have to find that
[2009/08/03 23:50]  Ducce Lykin: so do u get sponsor ship to build
[2009/08/03 23:50]  Ducce Lykin: because the land is expensive
[2009/08/03 23:51]  Bryn Oh: yes immersiva was given to me by dusan writer
[2009/08/03 23:51]  Bryn Oh: pathfinder linden gave me a place for my helen keller build
[2009/08/03 23:51]  Bryn Oh: which is permanent
[2009/08/03 23:51]  Bryn Oh: IBM gave me a sim temporarily for the Rabbicorn story
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Bryn Oh: IBM actually are becoming interested in sl art
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Ducce Lykin: so if it’s taken down it is destoyed?
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Bryn Oh: no its in my inventory
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Ducce Lykin: i hope so
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Ducce Lykin: ur inventory must be massive
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Bryn Oh: you can now bring them out of sl too
[2009/08/03 23:52]  Bryn Oh: and into open sim
[2009/08/03 23:53]  Bryn Oh: its pretty big yes lol
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Ducce Lykin: omg but still it’s the work installing it
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Bryn Oh: yes the rabbicorn story took a month
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Ducce Lykin: have u thought of making a book out of it?
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Ducce Lykin: did ibm come to u?
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Bryn Oh: yes that is the plan
[2009/08/03 23:54]  Bryn Oh: yes IBM offered the space
[2009/08/03 23:55]  Ducce Lykin: wow they hear alot about u nice
[2009/08/03 23:56]  Ducce Lykin: wow a book
[2009/08/03 23:56]  Ducce Lykin: here i am making book on blurb
[2009/08/03 23:56]  Bryn Oh: on what?
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Ducce Lykin: my photographs
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Ducce Lykin: and nine paintings
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Bryn Oh: nice
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Bryn Oh: but have not used it yet
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Bryn Oh: i have that downloaded
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Ducce Lykin: i see
[2009/08/03 23:57]  Ducce Lykin: u’ll like it
[2009/08/03 23:58]  Ducce Lykin: i been thinking about building architecture..
[2009/08/03 23:58]  Ducce Lykin: that’s my degree
[2009/08/03 23:58]  Ducce Lykin: to do something in sl with archit
[2009/08/03 23:59]  Bryn Oh: oh well then you need to meet the sl architects
[2009/08/03 23:59]  Bryn Oh: scope cleaver
[2009/08/03 23:59]  Bryn Oh: db bailey
[2009/08/03 23:59]  Bryn Oh: keystone bouchard
[2009/08/03 23:59]  Bryn Oh: those are the top ones
[2009/08/04 0:00]  Ducce Lykin: okay thanks
[2009/08/04 0:00]  Ducce Lykin: i do autocad
[2009/08/04 0:01]  Ducce Lykin: they are too good
[2009/08/04 0:01]  Ducce Lykin: i’m just begining
[2009/08/04 0:03]  Ducce Lykin: geee
[2009/08/04 0:05]  Bryn Oh: you just need to practice
[2009/08/04 0:05]  Bryn Oh: thats all it is
[2009/08/04 0:05]  Ducce Lykin: true true
[2009/08/04 0:06]  Ducce Lykin: but u must have a concept before the execution no?
[2009/08/04 0:06]  Ducce Lykin: how did u do it?
[2009/08/04 0:06]  Bryn Oh: well i am always full of stories and ideas
[2009/08/04 0:07]  Bryn Oh: so i try to make the stories into poems
[2009/08/04 0:07]  Bryn Oh: then i build them
[2009/08/04 0:07]  Bryn Oh: and film
[2009/08/04 0:08]  Ducce Lykin: wow
[2009/08/04 0:08]  Ducce Lykin: patients
[2009/08/04 0:08]  Ducce Lykin: i need to find a natural way in
[2009/08/04 0:09]  Bryn Oh: i need to go to bed
[2009/08/04 0:09]  Bryn Oh: its late here
[2009/08/04 0:09]  Ducce Lykin: okay thanks for chat
[2009/08/04 0:10]  Bryn Oh: bye ducce
[2009/08/04 0:10]  Ducce Lykin: bye for now