Writer’s Materials

December 11, 2008

For His Dark Material, Philip Pullman uses A4 size paper of narrow rule.  He writes only on one side with a fancy ball point pen, looks like a Mont Blanc.  You can read more about how he works here:  http://www.philip-pullman.com/

Philip Pullman’s talk at Barnes and Noble

Stephen King began ‘Dream Cather’ with a pen and notebook.  He talks about this in ‘On Writing’.

Anne Lamott likes to keep index cards and a short pen in her back pocket for capturing ideas.  She wrote about this in ‘Bird by Bird’.

Dorthea Brande encourage writing the morning page with a pen and paper.  Her excellent book ‘Becoming a Writer’ also has a section on typewriters too. 

I’ve read all three of these books and want to look for more of this sort.

Jonathan Safron Froer Collects blank pages of writers.
Mary Gordon’s essay in nytimes.com Writer’s writing.

I’m starting bits about writers who use pen and paper to write their stories.  I welcome your knowledge here, if you know of any to add.