LC1 Circa J

September 28, 2007

LC1 Circa J

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I’m so happy to get the DMC-LC1 back from the Panasonic shop. They fixed it for free because there was a glitch with the Sony CCD. If you buy the camera with in the last two years, the problem might arise. The sensor breaks down. At first, I took it to the local shop and they gave me an estimate of $200. Then I did some research on the internet to find that other people were having the same problem as me. Look into the Panasonic website for the phone number if you have the same problem.

Ducce Organ

September 26, 2007

Video Production by Ryan Rasmussen/Austin Ellison

Location: Relic, Santum Santorium Second Life.

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September 25, 2007

I had read about Zhabit’s advice on waking up early in the morning. Although Leo of ZenHabits doesn’t condone that one waste time reading blogs or posting for that matter, I just felt like it this morning. Reading and writing is encouraged in the early quiet hours.

6.30 am. I went outside on the patio to listen. The single North Star is still shines bright as dawn breaks over the horizon. The roar of the highway beyond. I can hear the flapping of the crows wings above.

Recently, I was the film ‘The Brave Ones’. The character has a radio show. She speaks about the city of New York. Her voice and the recorded sounds in the New York city street seems so compelling. One of my favorite character in the television show Northern Exposure is Chris. He comments between the songs on his radio show at KBEAR has an authentic voice. There are any radio shows like that, that I know of.  Because I don’t have a radio show, just this humble blog, I thought that a post like this about voices would make sense.  I thought that a blog or post could have that atmosphere like the fictitious radio shows.

Chet Chin’s Neo

September 25, 2007

In the past month or so, I had a chat with Chet about her Neo. Today, I’m glad to have Chet Chin wrote about her Alpha Smart Writers for us. Although we usually cover paper writing tools, I thought the Neo was to enticing to pass up. The advantage is the battery life and the universal common batteries. In a sense it’s like paper because there is less charging involved and there is less of the inter-net distractions. The Neo has 8 work-spaces, each of which can hold 25 pages of text, approximately 10,000 words. The Neo also prints directly from itself if set up properly.

Chet is also involved with the NaNo project. I’ve heard a little about it. I would like to find out more. reflections

Using the AlphaSmart for travel writing.


Sunday, 2007/09/09


I remember, when I traveled around the States in 1990, I carried a hardcover notebook and wrote my travel journal in it.


These days, when I travel, I no longer carry a paper journal for my travel musings. Take my recent trip to Wolong, China. My travel journal was my AlphaSmart Neo, a 2-lb battery operated word processor with a little screen, full-sized keyboard and memory to save what I’ve written in it for upload to a regular computer later on.



I’ve used AlphaSmart products since 1998, beginning with the 2000 model, followed by the 3000 model, then making a slight switch to the more full-featured Palm powered Dana, before returning to word processing simplicity in the Neo.


The AlphaSmart products were initially developed for the education market in the United States, targeted at schools with limited budget for computers and keyboards. Somewhere along the way, it was discovered by writers, both published and yet-to-be published. Some have written and published novels initially drafted on an AlphaSmart. The very simplicity of the product helps them concentrate on the writing. With a small screen, there is limited display which has helped to shut off the internal editor.

The AlphaSmart really unchains writers from the desktop, allowing them to write away from the desk, anytime anywhere inspiration strikes, and without having to worry about heat or weight or limited battery life. The instant power-on takes them right back to where they were before they switched off the machine the last time.


For me, when it comes to fiction writing, I’ve used the AlphaSmart Dana to complete three years of NaNoWriMo – that’s three novels of 50,000 words each. I’ve written my NaNovels in bed, in various cafes around the city and once, even in a Borders bookstore. Inspiration struck, I had the Dana with me so I found an empty seat, took out the Dana, switched it on, and started writing. While others around me were reading, I was writing.


For my recent trip to Wolong, China, I decided to bring along the Neo instead of the Dana. The Neo is rated to run for up to 700 hours on 3 AA batteries, whereas the Dana’s battery life is around 25 hours. With the Neo, I had one less charger to bring along; the Dana uses rechargeable, and although I could’ve popped in regular batteries, and thus still had one less charger to carry, I would have to charge them after every 20 hours or so.


There were some trade-offs with bringing the Neo instead of the Dana. The Neo only does word processing, whereas the Dana, as a Palm PDA (a very large Palm PDA!), has the usual built-in PIM functions (calendar, address book, etc.). But really, all I’ve used the Dana for was write my journal, so the other functions have been quite under-used. In any case, those functions were available in my Palm TX which I also brought along to the trip.


Speaking of battery life, I’d put in a fresh set of batteries in the Neo before the trip, and by the end of the trip, checked to find the battery status at 97%.


By the end of the trip, too, I also had a 17,899-word travel journal of my trip to Wolong, China. All thanks to the AlphaSmart Neo.

– Chet Chin

Epica ink H

September 22, 2007

Epica ink H

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Oh boy…it’s been a while since I posted here. Some of you may have missed us. Ducce and I have been hanging out in Second Life exploring the University of Ohio Campus, Science Friday, and generally meeting some wonderful people. I thought I post something light and easy to ease back into the mode. This is a ink drawing test on Amalfi hand made paper from Epica. This is in a series of random drawings maybe subconsciousness reaching and connecting to the inner field.

science friday_002

September 14, 2007

science friday_002

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Taking my lunch break with Science Friday. I’m in Second Life with the Science Friday guys: Joe Palca and Ira Flatow. Last week the radio talk show focused on Second Life. The group started gathering on SL in the last two or three weeks. The average attendance so far is around 30 people. The rent cost for SL land is $200 per month. They are taking donation and giving out SL t-shirts. If you are on SL look up the group call Science Friday.

Ducce here for an update. Did you guys check out Sci Fri? It was totally awesome! Girls and math was the subject. I’ve volunteer to help promote this even on SL.

Ly: I thought it was a good topic. I’m trying to find the source to order the book for Kawaii-cat. Back last year, I was trying to help Kawaii-cat with negative numbers. I couldn’t find an easy way to explain it.

Ducce: Are you done? now get out!

Ducce here again. You see me in the front row there? It was so crowded! Do you like my fish nets? The white chest piece is my wolf accoutrement’s. It was quite engaging. I could throw out any questions I felt like asking or comment on the discussion and felt like I could reach these famous radio hosts. The show also streams audio in Sl so the international audience can listen live to the show. Wooo….Danica McKeller! the actress that play the role of Weenie on the ‘Wonder Years’ has a book out call “Math Doesn’t Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail”

1001 Journals

September 14, 2007

Patrick’s post announcing the new 1001 journal project. I’ve been meaning to add Patrick’s Vox blog to the blog roll. In a chat with Tschai, I joke that Patrick will lure all of readers to his blog. It’s that good. By the way, Tschai also migrated to Vox recently. Both Patrick and I are the original Vox Beta testers. His posts are also about paper products and more. Because he owns his own stationary business, he gets to travel and sample all of the wonderful products. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Now that I got the introduction out of the way, let’s talk about this interesting project call ‘1001 Journals’. I have tried to sign up in the past and I can’t seem to get a hold of one. I signed up again. The new website project seems more organized. There are three or four journals near by Oregon. We shall see. I made a comment on Patrick’s post about a journal which I was sharing with my members at the Gallery 114. I left the blank journal at the desk and artist doodle away while they were bored. Later on it was displayed in a gallery in a show about artist books. I will try to post some pages from that project. It’s a small scale. I would be interested in doing some of this project with friends and people who would be interested.

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