Making a Blurb book

July 31, 2009

I got the copy and I was surprised at the quality of the book.  It’s high quality paper and binding makes it a gem.  You should make one yourself. I want to make a few more. The Next one is a paper back. The paper back is cheaper and for my thin book it makes sense to do it.  However, I choose to do the biggest size Blurb has and that’s not available in paper back. I need a faster computer so the work is not so labored but I find it good to have the time to think about what I’m doing too. I’m still getting a hang of it. It’s not the best program to make book because I can’t learn how to direct the program to look for it on my portable drive etc. I change location of where the book is to be saved too often.  It would be nice to convert quickly different versions of the book.  For example, I would like to convert my hard back to paper back quickly with one push of the button.  This is not to be so easy.  I would have to re-assemble the whole book again.  These are just some of the notes I thought about as I made this book.

Prospero’s Book at Chelsea Gallery.

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Installing Prospero’s Book in Second Life Gallery.


July 14, 2009

By Duc N. Ly
Book Preview

Simple Diary

July 10, 2009

Above is Philipp Keel’s manifesto ‘A Call to Simplify’.


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