Poznan internet C@fe

February 19, 2003


Poznan internet C@fe

Hi Cindy,

I’m in the big city of Poznan now. Last night I got to my hotel for a bath and a fancy diner which cost about 10$ us. The food is excellent and cheap. I’m at the in the net cafe and I found a laundry service. I’ll be walking around old medieval town exploring the city. I do like to study the medieval architecture and towns. This is a lot like the trip I took to Hungary. I’m been doing well and being very safe.

I’ve been following bib news on TV. I heard about the South Korean subway arson, the blizzard in N.Y.

I think two weeks will be just enough time to explore the city. Last night I was very excited to arrive in the beautiful Old Town. My hotel is walking distance to everything. I will go to a classical concert on Saturday evening. Anyway, glad everyone is doing well. I just saw one Chinese