Intimate Information

April 24, 2008

Once in a while, I’ll take a look at Mark’s blog and can’t stop myself. Whether he’s talking about the latest duck confit or the new wikisym, I find it entertaining and informative. He often quotes people. So I’ll quote him here. I came across this: “Much of our most important writing is written to ourselves and to our immediate circle of family, friends, and allies. This intimate or nobitic information includes not merely calendars and grocery lists, but also work for planning our future endeavors, as well as correspondence to our future selves and our progeny.” – Mark Bernstein.

It got me to thinking about Personal Information Management (that Stephen Smith has blogged about) and personal, or intimate information. I remember just a few weeks ago, my wife was telling me some of her mental notes. She does not keep notes. But while she talked, I took some notes then I realized that her open talk or brain dumping and my capturing was setting up some goals for the year, whether it was a vacation wish list or the next movie we might look at.

Mad magazine Fold In.

April 23, 2008

A good example of how paper can translate to the internet/interactive:


April 9, 2008

There is a new trend in converting those one shot photographs into animations. provides music for up loads. One can use their library of tunes or up load one’s one audio file. It’s connected with flickr and photobucket. Animoto looks for sets in these account that one has to link. The shorts are free for 10 or so images but full length will cost a little more but affordable. For $30 will buy a year’s worth. Try it out first to see if you like it. I just did a quick one and the option to blog was irresistable.  You can also send it to YouTube video.

If you sign up mention this code:  iyqbzlro for $5 off.

Photobucket also provides slide shows of photos that are in sets.

While I was in Europe, I happen upon cable.  Luxe does these wonderfully stylish features of the world’s luxurious places, fashion, and tech.  The cable channel does re-run a lot of the features which is very annoying.  There is the website to follow when I got back home.  I kept wondering if they would have videos on their website.  Sure enough, is on several video sharing sites such as Youtube.  I thought this one on Mrs. John L. Strong stationary was appropriate for the blog.

related article: New York Times

UPDATE:  The story has been closed.

Coffee and notes

April 4, 2008

Coffee and notes

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

It’s always a difficult decision: what to pack? I took this notebook because I had notes from the previous visits in 2004. The silver pens are newly acquired and I thought I bring them along.
The Zebra gel (middle of the picture) pen didn’t survive the plane ride well. For some reason, perhaps the change in altitude and airplan pressure, the gel pen skips alot.