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December 19, 2007



This is following the theme of “Libraian Hotness”.  Loaded Hip Press has a variety of cards too.

I have a whole series of arm braces/injuries/little girl lingerie/voyeuristic paintings. I call them my “what is erotic about injury” paintings. I started them after recovering from tendinitis in both arms! I had to wear those itchy braces and my friends had to help me get groceries because I couldn’t carry the bags.
But, drats I wish I had better photos of the frame…

Shannon of Loaded Hip Press.


Earlier, I wanted to start a library at work. I stumble upon this little suggestion in RealSimple magazine.

Previous Tip of the Week (TOW):

Good Read

April 24, 2007

…I vow that it’s goodbye to the old ways. Those stories were a good read, they were dumb as well – Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays


I had a librarything account languishing for a long time now and have not done much with it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t allow for adjustments. I haven’t thought about web library, until I found another new app for organizing books. I like Goodread because it allows you to name different bookshelves which is a great feature. So I wanted to start yet another electronic form of Bookography.

I also join a Ning app for Librarians call Library 2.0. Although I’m not one in real live, I play one here. Reading through the forums of the club, I found out some suggestions for improving the way library lend. Someone had the brilliant idea of modeling features of Netfix into the on line catalogue for checking out DVDs. I think on line catalogues are wonderful and is a major improvements in the lending system but that as with any app can be improved upon. My suggestion is to have the ability to review books, and organize the reading material in an on-line catalogue. If it’s possible to mash up Good Read with my existing on line library account that would be great.

There’s an article in Business 2.0 about Library Thing. I saw business 2.0 in the magazine rack of my library and decided to check it out. It has a lot of interesting articles about the Internet. This particular issue features Jetpen, and micro stock photography. I think it’s put out by CNN.

(founder of Library Thing Tim Spalding) Spalding’s next target is to get into the business of advising libraries on how to manage their catalogs.

I think that’s a great idea!


Company Library (TOW)

April 18, 2007

I used to work at 30 person architectural firm and it had a library as a resource. That’s where you get your inspirations from. I just got back from a quarterly meeting and I made that suggestion to our marketing person. We’ll see how it flies. I think it’s a great idea because:

  1. You have a lot of resources and if you pool together and exchange books within your company.
  2. I used to go to a few of the High Performer Motivational Speaking seminars where they hand out reading materials. Well now they have even DVD high quality presentations of the talk. If we have a library to share that, it would be a great resource.
  3. Also, a library can keep track of past accomplishments, i.e. quarterly earnings, etc.

I’m taking a page out of ‘Art of Innovation’ to see if I can make small changes in the work place that benefits all. So that’s your ‘Thursday Tip of the Week‘ (TOW)

I would like to elicit ideas and comments if you have work in a company with a library, or ideas of what that could be…DVD, Movies, etc. What works, what doesn’t, and how are companies receptive to that idea. What does it take to maintain one? Why aren’t there more libraries in company…even in small volumes.


Address File Box 3

March 30, 2007

Address FIle Box 3

Originally uploaded by UglyKitty.
I’ve been searching for a good container to store the index cards. This is a good example.

Kitty has some other exampls on etsy.com. I like the recycle indexbncards that she has laboriously rounded the corners. Inside the box is an amazing variety of cards. I think I spotted some library due date cards?!?

Flirty Library Cards

March 26, 2007

I had posted ealier my yearnings for the due date card.

Remember these guys, reminders for due dates? Go back to those simple times again with this flirty card provided by Papertrail.

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Mary from Papertrail sent me this email:

PS. I wanted to tell you that I’ve had more time to check out your blog and I LOVE it! I have had a HPDA for about 2 years and I am always interested in GTD and notebook info.


Librarian Hotness

March 22, 2007

It must be Spring because this blog is getting a bit salacious. I found this item via Etsy Garden. (speaking of hotness, there are some really cute babes over at the Etsy’s lab)

Keep a handle on your books, take a moment to celebrate the glory of the card catalog, and step into the past with these sweet & green librarian bookplates. Four shades of green in a 12 pack. They are printed on sticker paper and measure approximately 2 inches wide by 5.25 inches tall. Ex Libris is Latin for “From the library of:” See also the excellent collection of essays by Anne Fadiman with the same title.

Bookish-ly yours,

P.S. Witness the librarian hotness!

Let the librarian hotness reign supreme!’-Beth o’ Threedogparty.

From the Trio of Hotness are a bevy of other bookish-ly well deserved treats.

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