Fictional Notebooks

January 6, 2009

The Float Plane Notebooks by Clyde Edgerton.  One of the character in the novel keeps track of his family in the notebooks he started to track his Float Plane project.  A few of these plane never got off water.  The narrative of their lives rises off the ground slowly and takes off.  The collection of books are like family albums.   

Oracle Nights by Paul Auster.  The narrator goes for a walk and buys a blue notebook from M.R. Chang at the Paper Palace.  This Blue notebook was imported from Portugal.  

From the jacket…..Several months into his recovery from a near-fatal illness, thirty-four-year-old novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook. It is September 18, 1982, and for the next nine days Orr will live under the spell of this blank book, trapped inside a world of eerie premonitions and puzzling events that threaten to destroy his marriage and undermine his faith in reality. 

Why does his wife suddenly break down in tears in the backseat of a taxi just hours after Sidney begins writing in the notebook? Why does M. R. Chang, the owner of the stationery shop, precipitously close his business the next day? What are the connections between a 1938 Warsaw telephone directory and a lost novel in which the hero can predict the future? At what point does animosity explode into violence? To what degree is forgiveness the ultimate expression of love?