Best of Vietnam

July 1, 2013

best of vietnamchicken in fish saucePortland is renown for it’s food cart culture.  Cartlandia on 82 Avenue has some of the best.  Including this Best of Vietnam cart that has wonderful dishes like the chicken wings and drum sticks deep fired and then layered with special Vietnamese fish sauce.

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Fish Soup

March 22, 2013

Jenny made delicious fish soup after a wet afternoon with the cherry blossom.



DSCF9200 DSCF9197

Bac ha is great in soup because it is like celery without much flavor but it is like a sponge which soaks up the flavor of the soup.  Pineapple from a can provides the sweet taste which substitute for the tamarind.  I happen to like pineapple better than tamarind.

Home Made Wonton

August 2, 2012

Recently, my girlfriend and I decided to make Wonton from scratched.  She taught me to make the chicken broth.  Some secrets that I’ll tell.  She toasts the onion in the toaster and drop the whole bulb into the chicken broth.  Drop a generous about of sesame seed oil into the ground pork.  I strain broth and stored the elixir in the plastic containers with lid, the ones that they give you when you order take outs from Pho restaurants.  I put about ten wontons in a quart size zip lock bag.  They go in the freeze and I bring them out to thaw for super.  The batch lasted me a whole weeks worth of diners and lunches.


The frozen chicken stock is thawed.


The Wonton stored in ziplock plastic bag is thawed then boiled.

a close up shot of the Wonton soup and scallion.

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June 30, 2012


Viet Nam Can Tho clams

I had some really delicious clams in Can Tho, Viet Nam.  The restauratnt is actually some one’s house.  It’s often the case.  Living quarters are above or in the back and the restaurants are in front.

This dish was from the big market (I forget the name)  in Saigon.



Summer 2011 the chef

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Saigon Bread

March 20, 2007

Saigon Bread

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Vietnamese Sandwich. Because It’s lunch time and I am hungry. Aside from that, Betty has a mean collection of pens and paper. It seems she’s a bit of a paper fetishist.

I am drooling over this at the moment and had to satisfy myself with a subway daily special, Italian BMT. This morning I heard on the radio, driving into work, a program on NPR about Pho 24. ‘Because you don’t get fat on pho’. The owner has open up several chains of Pho in Saigon and charging twice as much. He plans for world domination.


February 15, 2007

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food

There’s an Asian recipe site! What a great idea!?!? Have you always wanted to WoK? Well now you can. I’ve tried many recipes sites but nothing like a specific about Asian food. I have a few friends who have been to Malaysia and he raves about their food all the time. Recently he invited them over to stay in Oregon, to repay for the times he had been feed in Malaysia.

I really like his sites plus he’s a great lens master. I would like to steal some of the ideas and recipes. I need to impress my wife with the cooking. She’s always asking me to cook a Chinese dish for her and all I can make is Ramen Noodle. Well that is about to change with so many easy recipes to choose from. We like Prawns and this stir-fried-hong-kong-kai-lan-with-prawns dish looks good.

I wish to create a buzz about this site. Please visit ONE recipe which you would find interesting on this site Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food.  I like promoting Asian food to the world.

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food is a recipe site dedicated to simple yet delicious home-cooked food found in Asian, especially Malaysian Chinese homes.

Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food

I remember listening to a radio show on NPR “Splended Table”. Hm you might wonder why I was listening to such a show, well I was fascinated with MFK Fisher’s writing only through other author’s mentionings such as Raymond Carver. Anyway that’s beside the point. The show has a segment where the caller calls in to challange the host with a problem. The caller looks into his/her fridge and reports what’s in there…usually not much…mustard, old left over hot dogs for example. Well then the host would have to suggest a recipes for the ingredients. RecipeMatcher is a similar idea. You tell it what you have to cook with and it comes up with a wonderful and tasty recipes. Hm…I wonder if the creator of RecipeMatcher was inspired by the “Splended table” allows its members to find recipes based on what they have at home. Searches return with recipes ranked by the percentage of ingredients you already have.

So you don’t have to go to the grocery stores which is one of the lesser joys of cooking. The other cool thing about the site is that it’s a Web 2.0 application.

Links: RecipeMatcher