Company Library (TOW)

April 18, 2007

I used to work at 30 person architectural firm and it had a library as a resource. That’s where you get your inspirations from. I just got back from a quarterly meeting and I made that suggestion to our marketing person. We’ll see how it flies. I think it’s a great idea because:

  1. You have a lot of resources and if you pool together and exchange books within your company.
  2. I used to go to a few of the High Performer Motivational Speaking seminars where they hand out reading materials. Well now they have even DVD high quality presentations of the talk. If we have a library to share that, it would be a great resource.
  3. Also, a library can keep track of past accomplishments, i.e. quarterly earnings, etc.

I’m taking a page out of ‘Art of Innovation’ to see if I can make small changes in the work place that benefits all. So that’s your ‘Thursday Tip of the Week‘ (TOW)

I would like to elicit ideas and comments if you have work in a company with a library, or ideas of what that could be…DVD, Movies, etc. What works, what doesn’t, and how are companies receptive to that idea. What does it take to maintain one? Why aren’t there more libraries in company…even in small volumes.



5 Responses to “Company Library (TOW)”

  1. Toni Says:

    Hi Duc……it’s been a while. My company got rid of their library the week that I started working there. I think a lot of companies are following this trend and I really think it’s a mistake. There’s nothing like sitting in a room surrounded by books and journals. I do all of my research at my desk and it’s not the same. Sometimes you need to go “off the grid” and get away to someplace where you can absorb what you’re reading without having to deal with the technology overdose. This is way off topic I know but……….just my opinion. Hey…’s that Epica journal? Keep up the blogging. I check in at least once every day.

    ps. I have new Epica pics on Flickr.

  2. ducly Says:

    hehe… That’s awesome to heard that from you!! I think I got the okay and support I need to start the company library. I’m only talking about some shelves in the copier room. Nothing fancy. I’ve rounded up one advocate who is also an advid reader. I agree with you. where’s the community place to read and ‘get off the grid’? Did you see that Epica has mention us in their news blog? I’ve been drawing in it some. I’m thinking of sending it off to Rebecca to have her hand letter something in it and post it here for every one to see. But I’ve yet to send it out.
    I’ll check your Epica pics out now…:)

  3. everyone likes to watch dvd movies, i watch at least 4 dvd movies a day *~”

  4. Ellen Says:

    My company will have a library in Jan. I am supposed to keep it. I dont know if it will work here, if people will leverage it.

    • ducly Says:

      Hi Ellen,
      I wonder what your company is about. In the past, I’ve seen Architectural companies have library of architectural books for references. I could see that there are some basic business book that are good for every company: Blink, Tipping Point, Financial Peace, and many other classics such as 7 habits, getting things done, and others as well.

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