cock fights

November 20, 2006

Last night Misiu asked me again to tell her stories and always I default to my false memories of Vietnam. I told her about the fish and fish fighting, cock fighting etc.

Beautiful roosters iridescence strut about in a bamboo cage.  The circular dome enclose the rooster.  The weave is large, some the size of an egg, so the rooster is visible.  There are chrome pronge attachments to rake the feathers of their blood.  In a profusion of anger and resentment the roosters battle, kicking up their legs and clawing with the chrome prongs.

Vietnamese Diary

November 16, 2006

First Flight

November 1, 2006

Do you remember your first flight? Where did you go? Why?
Submitted by Laurel.

My first flight was from Kula Lumpur to Oregon.  On the way, we made a stop over at Hong Kong.  There, we had the best breakfast ever!  After a year of can foods on the island and butter and sliced breads on the rest stop of Kula Lumpur, any real food would have been heaven.  But Hong Kong is known for the best Chinese food.