October 31, 2007



I heard about Wrike.com through Stephen Smith of HDBizblog. He is recently

sponsored by Wrike. I thought I would check it out.

I signed up for the Free Membership which requires no Credit Card information. The bare bones Wrike gives me 20 tasks, 10 mb, and unlimited Groups. I think you can make this work but the luxury of larger storage space and unlimited task is appealing and even necessary. Remember what David Allen told us? Get 100 manila folders. Unlimited space allows growth. Wrike is tauted as the GTD application which incorporates emailing tasks to groups and to users with or without a Wrike account. Each task has a box to put in the user’s email, any email or email that is associated with the Wrike account. Thus delegating becomes easy with a push of the button. Because it is based on emailing which is very similar concept to Google mail. My experience with Google mail is great but I do not use it for GTD as it is a bit confusing and not that intuitive. I may have assigned one or two emails to the GTD folder but have not work much with it.

The first time I heard about GTD application was through Patrick Rhone at the beginning of 2007. I signed up for BaseCamp, a collaborative GTD productivity application. I tried that for a while before abandoning it because it was limited in the free membership. Next I hopped to ZoHo Planner, another free organization and productivity application, this time it allow me more tasks and was less constrictive. I don’t recall how collaborative both of these are because I was mainly using the system as a single user. But now that I have a chance to test drive a system with 15 users and 1 giga bite of storage with unlimited tasks, I’m beginning to re-access the system.

Now I’ve always use the paper system to augment the electronic version. But I find that I miss place the index cards or that particular piece of paper too often. It’s a good place for an in box but ultimately, an electronic system can be superior.

Wrike starts with Groups of folders pre-labled but you can change these. I quickly made the 1 @ Next Action; 2 @ Waiting For…Setting up the file system initially is a very important and need to be carefully planed. I’m used to file being organized by @ symbol follow by 1 and alphabetical. The folders in Wrike system are also able to be sorted by group symbols numbers and names. One just needs to refresh. So just start with the top group file folder and rename it what you need to. The group folders can have sub folders and one can move these folders into another groups. That is a nice flexible feature. As with any system there are plus and minus. Some people like the ability to drag and drop folders into sub folders. Wrike believes in the less accident prone approach to file moving, that means no accidental dragging and dropping of folders into the wrong group. (Correction: In a task I sent to Daria, one of the Wrike team member, I received a response from her which states that Wrike is developing the drag and drop feature in the near future.) If you don’t want to put a category into a sub category then always start in the ‘My group’ folder because once a folder is created in a sub folder, it can not be moved into a main group. If this is all confusing, just sign up for a free membership and play around with it. You can always upgrade it to the next level and evolve from there.

I like that I can assign a task to more then one group or sub groups.

What I like is the time-line feature. This is totally different from any of the previous systems that I’ve tried. I can view tasks by week, month, quarter, and year.
I like the file attachment which works very much like an email attachment. We have been familiar with that system for a long time now and it still works great.

The report feature is also very useful.

I’ve just barely tapped into the potential of Wrike as an organizational and productivity tool. I can see this as a great collaborative tool. Uploaded files are assigned to each task and share with your users. What is unique is that emails can be received and send so it’s not a hermetic but a very open out sourcing system.


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October 25, 2007

CSI_lud 001(2)

Photo by Ludvie

Did any one see last night’s CSI: New York? The episode Down the Rabbit Hole featured Second Life. Yesterday, in Second Life, I just received the landmark for the CSI Lab from Ludvie. When I was there, it was very crowded. People’s avatar dropped in ever few seconds. There is a team in world to solve crimes and Second Life residence can gather evidence to help solve the crime too. I need to read more of it. The television show was sponsored by Cisco and featuree the Second Life logo and a website to check out: cbs.com. In Europe, SL advertisement can be seen often on television. In the US, we mostly read about it in Forbes or some other publication. Could this signal a rise in Second Life’s advertisement on television? It seems other shows are following the lead. The Office also shows a worker’s computer with Second Life running.

The episode is called Down the Rabbit Hole. This is a good analogy comparing Second Life to Alice and Wonderland. The episode also includes reference to the Matrix. There is the all knowing White Rabbit. The agent is told to follow the White Rabbit into the Virtual world. The picture above shows the White Rabbit is killed. The premise of the show is that a Virtual celebrity on SL has been murdered. Some one else is assuming her Avatar. She is killed because she is well connected in SL. A congressman is also involved in the SL world. He is one of the hired assassin’s mark.

ducce in Suffulgium


Youtube.com sheep

YouTube footage




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My Alpha Smart Pro

October 24, 2007

AlphSmart Pro

The following was written on AlphaSmart Pro:

There are 8 files

I use the file 1 (F1) for diary, 2 (F2) for the nanowrimo 3 (F3) for blogging and 8 (F8) for dreams. I don’t have to push the save button, it is saved automatically. I can hop back and forth from one project to the next with out much effort, simply push the (F1) key. I connect the chord from the AS to the PC or Mac and open up a word processing blank file and push send. I can move the cursor all around in four directions using a cursor but not copy and paste. They are cheap enough to have two or three lying around. I should like to use just one for diary, each file dedicated to each month. I can have seven months and then the last file is dedicated towards the remaining months or do two months per file. I would like to have one at work and one at home.

After uploading the above, I thought I add some notes to the post. The Alpha Smart (AS) 3000 is better because I can up load files from my computer to the AS 3000 which I can not do with the AS Pro. There are no spelling check either which means that you can concentrate on your thoughts instead of correct spelling. If there’s a cheap one on ebay I’ll probably get it. But as it is, The AlphaSmart Pro is great for first drafts and keeping an informal diary. I could have purchase on ebay a USB cable for $27-30 which would make it easier to transfer the text to the laptop. But I didn’t want to spend more on the cable then on the keyboard. The Y pin cable I bought is a bit cumbersome as it works only with a computer unit with a Y pin connection. I don’t have to worry about people stealing my fancy laptop. I can write in a cafe or in a park. I take it to lunch with me outside or in a restaurant. It runs on 2 AA batteries for about 600-700 hours. I don’t have the glare of the computer to hurt my eyes.

COST: $16-17 for the actual keyboard, $11 shipping; Y pin Cable $6 + $6 shipping. Total $39



Mynd Punch

October 24, 2007


Photosource:  myndology.com/disc.php

Jason Posted the following note in Myndology Cooperative, a Facebook group:  Starting tonight at 07:00pm CST, Myndology will begin selling it’s very own Punch! That’s right! Finally, after months of waiting, our ship arrived and our punches unloaded.

Along with the punch, we will also be offering up several disc packs to allow for additional customization. Two versions of discs will be made available; our current polypropylene design and an all new aluminum design!

Both the punch and disc packs will be made available tonight at 7pm at our website. You can visit us here:


You can also read more on our official DIYPlanner.com punch release post here:


Bill Index

October 24, 2007

simple mynd

I have a lot of index cards of different sizes and color coded too. Some times I don’t know what I’ll use them for. But this year, I’ve been tracking my monthly bills on the 4 x 6 horizontal cards. My goal is to reduce the bill into the 3 x 5 size.  Something like the above photo would do.  Both, the Myndology and RealSimple, have horizontal lines and comes in a 3×5 size.  The horizontal or landscape orientation is good because it has a longer line to note the date, amount and confirmation numbers.  Although the Real Simple has the 4×6 size also.  I put the month and year on the top line. Then I alphabetized the bill names. I write down one line for each bill. One can skip a line for clarity. I usually put the date paid or due and the amount and any confirmations numbers to keep track. At the bottom, I add all of the items up and I can see the total spent for the month and anticipate my budget for next month.

That’s your tip of the Week!

Note from Olaf

October 18, 2007

note from olaf

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

Previously: WHITELINE arrival

I found this note from Olaf, the founder of WHITELINES. It’s from a while back. It is written on the whiteline which disappears in the photo copying and faxing process. I try to do a demonstration of this in the scanner but the faint white grid line didn’t show up in the scan either. I will have to try photographing it. It really is a visual acuity of the human eye that can see it. It speaks to how sensitive our eyes are.


October 18, 2007


Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.
A comparison of spine.

Let’s take it from the top down!

1 & 2 & 3 &

On the very top of the stack is a notebook from Bombay. I picked it up on sale. I took it with me to the Hungarian Residency and then to Poland. Below that is the Papyrus journal. Papyrus used to have a brick and mortar store in my shopping mall. That has been removed for a very long time now. Below that is a Calvini leather journal. The Calvini is very special. Below that is the infamous Epica.

flickr photos/ducly/tags/epica