Bill Index

October 24, 2007

simple mynd

I have a lot of index cards of different sizes and color coded too. Some times I don’t know what I’ll use them for. But this year, I’ve been tracking my monthly bills on the 4 x 6 horizontal cards. My goal is to reduce the bill into the 3 x 5 size.  Something like the above photo would do.  Both, the Myndology and RealSimple, have horizontal lines and comes in a 3×5 size.  The horizontal or landscape orientation is good because it has a longer line to note the date, amount and confirmation numbers.  Although the Real Simple has the 4×6 size also.  I put the month and year on the top line. Then I alphabetized the bill names. I write down one line for each bill. One can skip a line for clarity. I usually put the date paid or due and the amount and any confirmations numbers to keep track. At the bottom, I add all of the items up and I can see the total spent for the month and anticipate my budget for next month.

That’s your tip of the Week!

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