Can Tho

February 8, 2010

Okay where to start? First Friday is a great art scene in the SE part of Portland. I was at the 23 Sandy for the artist reception. The place was packed. I got to see my friends and my teacher!
I stood near my image ‘Indian Point’ to answer questions. Near me stood Josh Hobson’s and his image “Coming, Going, Coming.”
I asked Josh where that was taken and when he said ‘Can Tho’, I could not believe my ears. That’s where I grew up I tell Josh this. Josh was listed as a non-portland artist because he was just a few weeks ago. His picture arrived in Portland before he did. Josh had travel with his wife in Vietnam and Korea (to teach English). Portland has welcomed Josh in a big way because his other image is showing at the same time at the NewSpace Center for photography. (The show is call Carnival.)

I had to show Chris Bennett’s picture: ‘View from Hart Mountain’. I thought it was quiet a coincident and thought I make a post of it. The show will be on until the end of February.

In good company

February 2, 2010

This February’s First Thursday I’ll be hanging out at 23 Sandy Gallery.  The gallery is hanging the ND10 Down & Out show that moved from the Wallspace the previous month.  What a great way to start of the new year.  There are four of us out of 42 photographers that are from Portland, Oregon.  Here are the four Portland Photographers:  Chris Bennett, Heidi Bertman, Duc Ly, and Jeff Krolick.  Jeff’s work has been feature in many place, Jen Bekman’s gallery is one of them.  Chris, I believe is the Director of Newspace Center in Portland SE studio, which I’ve been using for studio photography.  I look forward to meeting these talented photographers.  I’m a bit star struck, particularly because I’ve seen Alejandro Cartagena‘s Fragmented Cities, Santa Catarina.  His work has been selected for Hey Hot Shots, and few others that I’ve missed. has an interview with Alejandro and other photographers.

Jeff has been doing some very powerful work in Haiti before the earthquake.

I’ve looked at there work recently on the websites and admire their approach.