Commonplace Book

February 26, 2007

pocket filofax

I’ve always wonder what is Commonplace book and how to keep one. This book has a lot of history packed into it. George’s small writing makes me want to peer close to the page. There are numbers, codes, and different color systems of text. What does the red line delineate?

update: 3/15/07

I am thinking about an electronic form of a commonplace book. It’ll be a blog with the ability to tag categories. Each entries will have a quotation with the appropriate category tag.

Update: 3/21/07 I’m thinking of using 3×5 or 4×6 cards to capture the quotes because usually, I don’t like to quote more then what can fit in a 4×6. I’ll use the Rollabind or Circa discs to organize the cards.

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    2 Responses to “Commonplace Book”

    1. George Redgrave Says:

      The red line simply separates the different entries as does the blue and black ink. The colours denote different subjects. Red=art, green=photography, orange=religion and blue=travel (mainly cycling)other subjects have no colour. The numbers are sequential and help me to find a particular entry from the contents pages here

    2. ducly Says:

      Thanks for the Explaination George.

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