Dark Space txt

September 28, 2006

Year: 1975
Dark Spaces
I remember a certain dark space of my neighbor’s house. The stair had a
solid wall next to it. The dark space was narrow and up high. It was a
deep shelf, only larger. I remember it next to the stairs for some
reason. I sometimes wander through out the labyrinthine house and see
into a room where someone was taking an afternoon nap. He would buy soup
bones from the street vendors and then teased the neighbor’s dog
endlessly. The dogs became enraged and the drools hang from their jaws.

-This was written in RAM.

Our house has a balcony.  In the shady season, the blinds are rolled up.  Swallows flies in and out of the rolled up blind and build their nests, lay eggs.

We had a few pots of tropical plants next to the railing of the balcony.  Often we would throw banana peels into the plants and left it there to dry because we were simply too lazy to take it to the garbage.  A few times one of us would see the dried up banana peels when we had to clean up the place.  Some one would eventually pick up the dried up peel.  A few times one of us would reach for the peel and it was actually a bat!!!  (Because black bats can appear very similar to a dried up banana peel.)  We would scream and run!  The startled bat flew away.

At night when we are too lazy to go down to the street vendors, we simply shout across the street.  We ask the vendor to come to stand below our balcony.  The street vendor would come to fetch the money what had been lowered down in a basket by one of us.  In exchange, she would put into the basket whatever it was that we had ordered.  It was almost like Domino’s Pizza delivery service.  We order all kings of foods:  roast corn, sandwiches, and fruits.  The delicious food smell emanating from the metal grill above the ambers always triggers our hungers.  The scent of green finely chopped onions coated in oil roasted corns.


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