Charlie Chaplin

September 18, 2012


Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) , Vietnam 2010

© Duc Ly 2010

from: my-journey-back-to-Vietnam

I remember watching Charlie Chaplin films in Vietnam. The man drove around on his bicycle with a box contraption strapped to the back. He collected coins from children and then were then allowed to peer into the wooden box where black and white grainy snippets of film shows Charlie Chaplin antics. We even have a special Vietnamese name that we call Mr. Chaplin. I forget what it is.  If any one out there knows what it is.  Please comment.

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) , Vietnam 2010

© Duc Ly 2010

My father had a shop next to a portrait artist. I visit his studio often. He painted portraits of the dead. Clients would come in with a wallet size photograph of the recently deceased and asked him to enlarged the photograph to a drawing or painting. Often these were done in black and white. Some times they were done in color. He score the wallet size pictures with a tiny grid. Then he transposed these grids onto a specified size request from the client. This is how it is done.



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