July 24, 2012

My Brother’s blog about Jeremy Lin and basketball.

Jeremy Lintelligence

Everything involving Lin this off season has been pretty much expected as far as I’m concerned, except for the news yesterday that the Knicks have acquired Felton. Now Lin’s chances of leaving the Knicks has jumped from 0% to something like 65%. Why not higher you might ask? I know there have been a lot of news reports saying that the Knicks will not keep Lin. I think at this point, the Knicks are still genuinely trying to see if they could make it all work by keeping Lin and moving Felton to the shooting guard position or vice versa. The marketing dollars that Lin provides to the Knicks is still too enticing for Dolan to give up altogether. However, if they’re thinking purely about basketball, then it makes absolutely no sense to keep Lin now that they have Felton. One could argue that even though they will have four…

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