July 12, 2012

Some sweet poems from young poets.

The WITS Blog

In darkness,
beauty ebony
envelops all. Cold,
warm nothing.
Infinite pools
infinite thoughts, deep
and hidden. Blackness
is the only one
with the power to
hold memories, to
induce forgetfulness.

Every person
two caches of
blackness. They are
your eyes. You see
with black
holes, pools, wells
of meaning,
Black means
print on paper,
nothing. But black
has turned bitter. The world
believes black
is a
horrible color.
Black hearts
are full of cruelty.
Black cats
bring bad luck.
But black
is beautiful. Black
is eternal.

by Maya, 7th grade

[painting by Mark Rothko]

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  1. WITS Houston Says:

    Thanks for reposting!

  2. ducly Says:

    you are welcome!

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