Board Games

September 11, 2009

Settlers of catan

 Here’s my “screen shot” taken with a Fuji Finepix E900.  This picture shows my less then 10 year old nephew’s little Empire!  Settlers of  Catan can be played by all ages. 

Settlers of Catan first gained popularity in Europe then spread to North America and the world.  Thus a lot of similar game have been called Eurogames.  (Look it up on wikipedia for more information.)  These games can cost up to $50 USD.  They contain many pieces and designed to be visually stimulating.  They can be played by many people, 2-8.  There are groups that play on line or with the Xbox 360.  But playing it on a board is much more fun!   I joined a Meet Up Board game of Portland.  We met at the Lucky Lab on Thursday night to play games. Board games has made a resurgence. They are well designed with great graphics. Tannhauser is particularly impressive. I passed by one of the boards with miniture figures. It looks to be a WWI strategy game.

Another ‘Screen Shot’ of Agricola taken with Sony Ericson Camera Phone.  It is a Medival agricultural game.



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