Virtual Book Tour

March 27, 2009


Last weekend, I happen to find Shaindel Beers on line in Yahoo messenger.  Before this, we some how linked on Goodreads.  She has one of the coolest names I know.  I find that Ms. Beers is from Bend Pendelton, Oregon.  Perhaps this was the reason I befriended her on Goodreads, because she is in my neighborhood, the same state.  Later, I find that Ms. Beers also teaches poetry at Blue Mountain College.  She also does audio interviews on the net for blogradio and serves as the poetry editor of Contrary Magazine.  Now she is a published author.  We chatted a bit and I find out that Shaindel is on a Virtual Book Tour for her new book, ‘A Brief History of Time’, a much lauded first collection of poems.  I think Shaindel has several interesting ideas up her sleeves.

I’m hoping Shaindel will stop by soon.

Hi Shainel,

Thank you for stopping by on your busy schedule of virtual book tour.

So how does it feel to be a Goodreads Author?

Hi Duc,

I’m from Pendleton, not Bend 🙂 I’m very happy to be a Goodreads author. I’ve been a member of Goodreads for a few years now and always enjoyed seeing what my friends were reading and reading their reviews of various books. I even give my students extra credit for writing Goodreads reviews, so it’s exciting to log on and see “Goodreads Author” next to my name.

How do you feel about being labeled as a Gen X poet?

Some people feel negative about being labeled as this type of poet or that type of poet, but it’s bound to happen. As for being a Generation X poet, it’s fine. It’s the generation I was born into, and I think people my age have important things to say. Each generation seems to want to label the one after it negatively. When I was in high school, people said Gen X’ers were lazy, lacked ambition, had no goals, but I think we’ve done an okay job with the world. I think each generation just has a habit of thinking the one after them is going to ruin everything. It seems to be human nature.


Shaindel’s work on Antonio Machado


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