Hilary Hahn

February 12, 2009

She started a blog ten years ago. It started out as a project to write postcard to middle school children. Hilary has kept blogging for ten years, she has been writing postcard like post about the city she traveled to and the behind the scene of the music halls. Her Violin Case just started a twitter. There are Facebook Page, Myspace, and , Youtube video where she conducts interviews.  I wonder how she has anytime to do all this and win a Grammy too.  Surely, it’s unexpected for such a traditional classical musical media.  Hilary has clearly changed this image and I think others will follow suite.  Ann Akiko Meyer’s website promises a blog for her fans to follow.  I think that future classical child prodigy will all have their own blog.

Her first Portland Oregon Concert, which I missed.


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2 Responses to “Hilary Hahn”

  1. Toni Says:

    Hi Duc

    It’s been a while hasnt it? I’m a huge fan of Hilary Hahn. I have all of her cd’s and have been to several of her concerts in Boston and elsewhere. Once we had a short conversation after one of her concerts about dresses. She designs many of her own performance outfits. I really think she’s a genuine person and have read her blog for years. I’m with you though…………where does she find the time?

    All the best. Keep the Goodreads coming. PS..buy anymnore Epica journals lately? Upload more pics of your Epica journal…….I’m still a junkie for journals.


  2. ducly Says:

    Hi Toni,
    It has been a while! Glad you came back to read. It does not surprise me that she designs her performance dresses, although she did not mention this in her blog. I’m just recently getting into the Hilary Plays Bach, those are beautiful, spare pieces of emoting on the string. I have not bought any Epica Journals. I’m still jealous of your collections.
    Keep posting your blog Toni.

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