You’ve Got Eternity

October 29, 2008

You’ve got 30 min

I was walking to lunch (I like walking to lunch.  We should treat lunch as a mini vacation from our busy day) and saw this sign: “You’ve got 30 min” on the front of Domino’s.  I had a mini- enlightenment and I said to it, “I’ve got eternity.”  This is a very successful slogan because we live busy lives, doing busy things.  Domino can give us time.  We all know that time can not be given.  But anyways, let’s accept this 30 minutes that Domino has given us.  If Domino can give us 30 minutes, why not eternity?  Domino’s business premise is that people are only willing to wait certain amount of time to eat, to satisfy their hunger and 30 seems about right.  Also 30 minutes allows the physical mechanics of vehicles in space-time to deliver the goods.  One’s location to the nearest Domino is calculated.  If in the future, this delivery time can be cut down to, say, 10 minutes, then we have ten minutes.  Successful business model always attempts to cut down this time from desire to delivery: itunes, Amazon ebooks, Netflix, and others.  What do we usually do with the 30 minutes?  Maybe we are watching TV and then maybe see the Domino spot on the TV.  Maybe if we are lucky and the pizza arrives just as the Domino spot is on the TV appears and that would be synchronicity in a smaller, baser levels.  What would be weirder is if we saw the Domino spot on TV and had a wishing, a desire for a Pizza, and that Domino’s pizza arrived at our door at that exact moment with the perfect selection of our favorite five toppings.  That would be weirder and more meaningful.  I think that in the future T.V. will have this ability to read our desires and intentions and deliver it instantly to our doors the material things we want.  (Home Shopping Networks, or itune’s Genius which remembers and recomends the type of music and songs that you’ve listened to.) The technology is there. After all, a thought is just energy and information.  I could have activated this post so that a mere mention of the word Domino, and the ad would appear somewhere on the margin with a logo and a click, your favorite pizza that you had ordered last week would arrive in thirty minutes.  This is known as the Domino Effect.  One thing leads to another, cause and effect, etc.  How about a cell phone that would enable credit card payment so that a call to order also pays for it?  This is great.  The technology is out there to satisfy our basest of desire to support this synchronicity.  But of course, this is not what Carl Jung and others have been talking about.  They are talking about greater destiny for human beings.  They are talking about the eternity that we all can dip into briefly from time to time, to go beyond space and time, to connect to the universe.  Of course we have more stronger and more meaningful desires then a pizza.  I hope we do.  This pizza episode attempts to illustrate the ways synchronicity works at the material levels.  Our technologies this day and age help organize our intentions much more quicker the before.  If we want to go to Bali, a plane takes us there quicker, it’s easier to order the tickets, etc.  The technology is helping us organize our intentions much more quicker then before, let’s say.  This can also be dangerous as we all know the temptations for buying on-line, the instantaneous fulfillment of our material desire.  (itune or other mp3 services.  We are buying into energy and information.  Ebooks, same idea.)  We know the dangers of home shopping networks.  But these material things are not eternal.  Let’s use this technology for a greater good and send our intentions out to the universe for a better collective world.  You’ve got eternity!  What will you do with yours?

When the door bell rings, we are enlighten and remember to breathe in and breathe out, to be mindful and tip the delivery person a dollar.  We are practicing our generosity, our gratitude and we share this day our daily bread.

This coming Sunday, I’m told, we (in North America) will turn our clocks back one hour (Fall Back, Spring ahead).  Yes, we are then given another hour! Some of us will be turning the clocks back to eternity.  


2 Responses to “You’ve Got Eternity”

  1. Duc, I always appreciate your unique perspective on life and existence. I think that while we are rushing to beat the clock — that is when life passes us by the quickest. You are right about eternity…in the sense that eternity is ironically now and in the moment…the continual warp of time and energy.

    And reading your conclusion about the “Domino Effect” put a huge smile on my face…and it is something I will always remember when I hear that phrase or even see Domino pizza. What a fantastic story and an even wittier play on words 🙂 Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective — you are a great writer and storyteller Duc!

  2. sabri Says:

    Hi Duc, nice to see u, i’m very happy found u’r home page. Please visit to share our idea , soul , and etc tq.

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