Waterman Expert close up

October 1, 2008


Waterman Expert close up

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

PhotoKina recently announced a slew of amazing new digital cameras, some known as micro 4/3, which is making Digital SLR smaller and smaller and pushing the mega pixel up and up.  The good news is that the digital cameras of lower resolutions and slower shutter speed camera are on the used market for a very good price.  I purchased this Nikon Coolpix E990 from Goodwill for $30. It take four AA batteries. The compact card and reader costs more. E990 has a magnesium body not plastic.  In 2001, Time magazine awarded this model as the product of the year. It was the first 3. mega pixel under $1000.  I’m amazed with the macro lens. It’s tricky to get it into macro mode but not impossible. The results are satisfactory.  It picks up the fine hair line fiber caught between the nib gap.  (I really need to clean this nib!  The ink has corroded the once gold ring.)  I also used the White Balance to measure the white surface to adjust to the typical white office lights.  The camera performs well under low light interiors and had a soft tone without the flash.


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