Travels with David Sedaris

September 24, 2008

Last weekend, I happen to catch Rick Steves radio show call Travels With Rick Steves based in Seattle, Washington.  The guest is David Sedaris.  It was fascinating to listen to them talk while the floor I had mopped was drying.  I just sat down and listen and found myself amused even smiled to myself.  Maybe it’s the way David talks or the way he thinks.  I’ve not read much of his works but know his voice both literary and tone of voice through the various radio shows and interviews.  In fact, he was first discovered through this medium of radio.  He’s an interesting character.  He moved to France to pursue his smoking habit in peace because the French are allowed to smoke every where that is until the recent ban on smoking in restaurants.  Then he decided to go to Japan to quit smoking after thirty years of smoking.  In Japan, people smoke in restuarants but not out in the streets.  So it’s no surprise that David is on a radio show about travels.  Then it occur to me why I and most people like myself identify with David.  Here’s a guy that was discovered by Ira Glass for his  “SantaLand Diariest”.  He kept a diary since the Seventies.  He has a favorite notebook that he carries around with him at all times.  I believe I saw it once some where on the web.  I’ll have to look it up.  Here’s a man in his early fifties going to a foreign country for six or so months and tries to learn Japanese.


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