Mystikal Arrival

August 18, 2008

Mystika Journal

Mystika Journal Arrival

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The packaged arrived far away from Lima, Peru. I am so grateful to Boris for the care and thought he put into this journal that we collaborated on. The packaged arrived with colorful stamps. I didn’t expected that it came from over seas. I thought it was a site from the United States. There is something exotic about it. Receiving foreign correspondence is exciting. I just imagine the long journey it took to arrive at hands. There are different protocols for handling mail. Apparently in Peru, a photo ID is required on the package. It felt very personal, as if the package arrived from a friend. When I open the package there was s sweet smell not of ranking leather but something subtle and hard to describe. Perhaps it was the paper inside. I think it is the leather.

clasp open
clasp closed

Clasp Closed

One of the unique design that Boris devised is a clasp closure. Often some of the journals have a belt and loop to hold it together. Such journals are difficult to store with the other flat journals stacked vertically together on a shelf. Boris’s clasp design has is hidden and hold the book together.

Mystika Journal pencasting

Fountain Pen Ink on Mystik paper.

Mystika Journal UW

Mystika Journal is very thick

The picture he sent me looks thinner. The actual journal is the size of a thick 700 page paper back novel.

The leather is a cover for a think brown warm tone paper that I haven’t seen before. It take the imprint of the fountain pen and ink just fine with no bleed through.

Among other things, I plan to collect all of the South American writer’s quotations in this thick book to help fill in the days.


2 Responses to “Mystikal Arrival”

  1. Grace Says:

    Duc, your new journal is beautiful! The color is lovely, and the leather looks so smooth and soft. There is nothing like a fountain pen on crisp, white paper.

    I agree with you 🙂 Foreign correspondence is so much fun. I always save all the stamps and envelopes — they are like little pieces of art.

  2. tschai Says:

    duc! the journal is great! =)

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