August 10, 2008

Mystik Journal DNL

Photograph by Boris

Today, I received an email from Boris which included this photograph.  I collaborated with Boris of mystikleather to create this new journal.  One of the unique ideas of Mystikleather is that you can give them a design of your own and Mystikleather can make it appear wonderfully on a cover of the leather journal!  I got to know Mystikleather because of a comment that was made about the Amalfi paper.  After looking at their website, I became excited with the idea of creating my own unique journal with a design that I had created.  After several email exchanges with Boris, we came up with this fine journal in a short amount of time, about a week. This is impressive work and the delivery, which I’m looking forward to receiving, occur within all of one week.  So now you can personalize your very own journal not with just a monogram but also your own mark, a logo, an emblem, or a symbol that represents you.

cross square

This is the design I emailed to Boris.  It’s a small piece of design which somehow I think matches the name of Mystik.  The JPG file is quiet small as it was design in a logo format.  The picture is of an actual size of the logo.  I’m impressed that Mystikaleather can enlarge or reduce the scale appropriately and to one’s own specification on the leather cover.  The funny thing is that I’ve always wanted to put this design on the cover of my journal.  I’ve thought of converting it into a book plate in a form of an ‘Ex Libris’, or just past it on the front of the covers of some of my existing journals.  Now I can place it more permanently incised onto a beautiful leather material.  This give a whole new meaning to customizing you journal.  I’m quite pleased with the results.  I can’t wait to start using it and will report further on this journal.

Price and material available here.


2 Responses to “Mystikleather”

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  2. Hi duc, i have created an account here in flickr and will post some photos of my works and also from books i found on my travels. hope you like them 😉

    Old Leather Bound French Book Title

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