Hand Blown Glass

July 11, 2008

I remember the first time I saw those Dale Chihuly glass dishes hanging off the ceiling of the Bellagio in Los Vegas.  They were very bright, and brilliant, which matches the Nevada sky.  It’s funny that some thing so bright could be coming from a North West artist.  I saw his video about the work shop and the balancing act, the installation in Venice, Italy.  The pieces contain the breath of the blower.  It’s a team work, an orchestration.  It is fun to watch Chihuly the conductor of an operatic light show, a light show that seems to have frozen in a translucent chemistry of fire and air.  Some people look down on the art of Glass blowing and considers this endeavor as crafts instead of an art with a legitimate concept.  Either way, their beauty, to me, undeniable.  While there are a lot of web-galleries cropping up, www.handblownglass.net is unique because it features only hand blown works of glass art!  It would be nice to have a website which other glass blowing artist could also be featured.  I would like to get one of these colorful paper weights.

The site is clear, and concise.  It’s easy to navigate.  On the top, you’ll find the CSS style tabs.  The items are organized by categories such as vase, bowl, and wall art.  The video demonstration of glass blowing is spectacular, I recommend it.  Un like other forms of art, glass blowing is really a performance in and of itself.  The work of Darren Goodman could pass for some of Chihuly pieces.  But Goodman also has his own unique style.

The site is relatively new and shows some promise.  There is only one artist bio.  In the future, a feature that searchs for artist by their name would be nice to have.  I also think that glass artist work on paper as well to plan out their ideas.  Chihuley made many passionate sketches while waiting for the workers to form the glass.  It would be nice to see drawings to supplement the completed work.

This post was sponsored by HandBlownGlass.net


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