xfm UK radio

June 26, 2008

I mention before of listening to music while I work. The internet has changed the nature of local broadcasts. Now, I can listen to radio being broadcast from the UK. While there are many internet music players, Internet radio still serves a purpose and that is to bring a voice, a flavor of the local to the world wide web. Xfm has been around in the UK long ago, since 1997. I remember back in the hey days of the Alternative Indie invasions from England. Such bands as The Charlantan’s UK, Ride, The Stone Roses and few others were making big waves in the US radio charts. There was a revival of the Liverpool scene. Back in the early nineties, I was still listening to cassette tapes from such band as Paul Weller. Xfm has finally moved into the internet age. Xfm brings in a social media aspect by asking listeners to upload their songs for submission for air play. The less talented can submit for contest to win prizes, concert tickets, and other general good stuff. During their internet unveiling there are bound to be lots of giveaways. Because it is on the web, there are picture galleries, videos, podcasts, and loads of other interactives. This time around, I will be exploring the music straight from the source instead of getting my latest news from Dave Kindel on MTV News. I’m looking forward to requesting songs via email. While innovations in the music services sector are good, I sometime just want a straight radio station that I can access via the net without too much bells and whistles, just like back in the days of old that Van Morrison talks about in his songs when he mentions listening to the wireless. Only today , it has a whole new meaning.



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