Finally: New memo pockets!

June 10, 2008

Finally: New memo pockets!

Originally uploaded by Kasaa.

Hi Duc,

I’ve always loved patterned paper and stationery products. I have a huge collection of – mostly unused – blank books (I have to admit I’m not so much into writing). But I’ve also had a couple accordion file folders for quite a few years, which I used a lot. I think they’re great tool for organizing all kinds of things – receipts, letters, important files…. All those things that clutter ones desk or get lost in drawers.

So last year I was trying all kinds of crafts (woodworking, sewing..) and also decided to have a go at bookbinding I made several photo albums and one day I looked at my old accordion file folder and thought I could give that a try.

I also own a small Moleskine memo pocket, they’re great and I still use it for my stamps. I like the classic look of the moleskine products, I also make some simple classic style memo pockets covered completely in booklinen but even more than that I like colorful patterned papers and vintage fabrics.

Best regards,


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