May 27, 2008

postalco cover

Originally uploaded by Duc N. Ly.

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This Postalco notebook arrived from Japan! My first impression is that it has the smallest grids I’ve ever seen! The Lines are super fine blue. Often, I’ve seen large grid with a line that is not so sharp. Here, the grids are so finely and clearly lay on a vellum like surface. So when it’s far away, the page appears to be blue. Perhaps a good analogy is the computer pixel. The grid can almost be covered by the point of a dull # 2 pencil. This is where the dpi or dots per inch can come in handy to measure the grids. This can be useful for a variety of grid size drawings on a page or a clear blue back ground for text.

The cover is dark indigo blue of denim texture.
pen test
It’s a fusion of textile and pulp, textile and text. I can see the potential of the cover fading like a nice pair of denim jeans.
Mike included a nice hand written note on a 3×5 index card. It’s nice to know that he also uses index cards. The card against the book gives you an idea of the size of this beautiful notebook. The paper size is slightly larger then a junior size journal.
The other nice design of this spiral notebook is that the cover wraps around to protect the bind edge of the spiral which tend to get bent. The spiral edge is minimally exposed on the front cover side.


4 Responses to “POSTALCO Arrival”

  1. rroossinck Says:

    Written on it with a fountain pen yet?

  2. ducly Says:

    rroossinck, My Parker Frontier flows just fine on the surface 😉

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