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May 14, 2008

At work, we had a presentation on memory. I wanted to pass on a few bullet points.

  • The presenter Kristin gave us a few tips on remembering names of the person you met.
  • Slow down and listen when the other person say their name.
  • Humans can think seven times faster and we can listen.
  • Try to repeat their names back to them in a nonchalant way. Repetition retains the data.
  • Jotting down even bullet points improves or retains the data.
  • Learn the language of memory which is visual imagery.
  • Memory or data needs to be organized and file like the paper filing system. Most of the time our memory is jumble up. There’s no methods or organizing system for the data.
  • Access and retrieval at the time that is need is the key.  The analogy uses this imagery:  Imagine that our brain is a filing cabinet.  It’s easier to find what we are looking for if the data is filed.  It would take us longer to look for a file if all of the files have been dumped and mixed.
  • Stress impairs memories.  Stress in some ways mixes this system.
  • 70% of memory will be lost in the next 24 hours.

Goal Setting Worksheet.pdf

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